design (winery)

Indiana wineries are sprouting up everywhere.  While in Spencer IN we visited Owen Valley winery and purchased a Rhubarb wine which pleasantly surprised, a semi-dry tingle on the tongue. We also bought two dessert wines, Crimson and Cream produced from Catawba, Niagara and Cayuga grapes (grown in Indiana) and Ruby Red made from Concord grapes.Continue reading “design (winery)”

last word

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Silent answer proves uneasy to the one who cannot think exactly what appears. it takes heart to understand, than to project your feelings on innocence. — how about being the last to speak your mind? i am done with this conversation, let us move on.Continue reading “last word”

This is encouraging.

My town library is the busiest library I have known. After coffee shops, it is the choice place to meet. This month they are encouraging patrons to voice their reasons why they visit. Just look at the response. Fisher’s residents love their library! Oh the love of books Stacked gently on wooden shelves Some musty,Continue reading “This is encouraging.”