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Owen Valley Winery
Spencer, Indiana 5/8/2017

Indiana wineries are sprouting up everywhere.  While in Spencer IN we visited Owen Valley winery and purchased a Rhubarb wine which pleasantly surprised, a semi-dry tingle on the tongue. We also bought two dessert wines, Crimson and Cream produced from Catawba, Niagara and Cayuga grapes (grown in Indiana) and Ruby Red made from Concord grapes.  Ruby Red  tastes exactly like Welches.  

Spencer Indiana is 1 1/2 hours south of NE Indianapolis in beautiful Owen County.  McCormick Creek State Park is 6 miles from the winery. 

McCormick Creek State Park 5/8/2017

School on Wheels 

Just two weeks left of tutoring and I already miss Heaven, Hayden, Bently and DeAnthony. Us tutors invited the parents or guardians to come view their child’s masterpieces. We hope they show up because these kiddos are so proud of their art. So much so they can barely stand to wait and bring the creations home, wherever home may be.


standing on street corners
holding signs, smiling through hunger
our eyes meet
i feel uncomfortable
what can i say
hand him a dollar
walk on my way

what easy solution exists?
none, when they choose street life
mental illness
chance encounter
he speaks of quantum physics
claims to have solved
time and space in minutes
calls us yuppies
a bygone ’80’s term

says he travels by day
Colorado, Texas
perhaps he will stay -here
with no family
they have gone their own ways
i wonder if they care
he unwilling to see
their love is real
he packs his machete and change of clothes.

(Met Jessie in Bloomington during our stay at McCormick Creek State Park. My husband and I sat at a camp fire conversing with Jessie and two other vagabonds. All three were homeless, Eddie, retired military and Ernie, recently released from prison, looking to start new and heading to Florida. They hadn’t invited Jessie feeling he was too unstable.)

McCormick Creek State Park 5/8/2017

Trail 5 is 2 miles through moderate terrain.  The White River had flooded so the creek was high and walking the 2 miles we encountered high water.  I had not seen Wolf Cave before and wanted to crawl through but it was too wet, not to mention it was really dark.  Claustrophobia could easily set in.  Perhaps another day.

last word

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

Little Sister Falls
Richard Lieber State Park ‘Upper Falls’
Silent answer proves uneasy
to the one who cannot think
exactly what appears.
it takes heart to understand,
than to project your feelings
on innocence.

how about being the last
to speak your mind?
i am done with this conversation,
let us move on.
you can have the final move.
checkmate for consideration.

or perhaps one speaks
with an intention to rule over another who willingly allows,
the submission of the meek
a noble cause,
unless the equity is unjust.

Proverbs 18:2 Fools find no pleasure in understanding
but delight in airing their own opinions.

Proverbs 14:23 All hard work brings a profit,
but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 31:9 Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.

This is encouraging.

My town library is the busiest library I have known. After coffee shops, it is the choice place to meet. This month they are encouraging patrons to voice their reasons why they visit. Just look at the response. Fisher’s residents love their library!

Oh the love of books
Stacked gently on wooden shelves
Some musty, worn and well read
Pages dog-eared and torn

Other books sit idly by
Memories conjured
The desk they sat upon
Lovingly worded. The author as alone.

Yes! my sentiments. As a child the library was a second home for me too. It was a welcoming place on par with my bedroom and the open field across the street.

Growing up in a small town, I rode my bike to the library during summer vacation. I know right, NERD! I would walk down the rows of books and soak in the thoughts. Even reading the titles I felt I knew what existed within the cover. The highlight was checking out the gems I found not thinking of the haul I would carry in my backpack. They were heavy.

As a teenager, I volunteered for a summer. I was responsible for making copies using a mimeograph machine. (Those machines no longer exist. The copier took over. Thank goodness, those other machines were huge and used carbon paper which was a mess. Although they did break down less often.) Anyhow, the librarians loved me and it was not until I was older I understood the reason why…less work for them.

Sigh! As happy as going to a used book store. I favor weekends spent in a musty old building, looking for an out-of-print book or finding a new poet. I cannot think of a better place other than the beach. Even better is bringing a book to the beach along with a writing notebook. Oh! and my camera.
There is a reason to celebrate! The modern library is bustling; drinks are allowed and electronics buzz. A peace remains, a quiet separate from the natural world, but just as inviting.

The library in Fishers brings the town together unlike any other place. The children’s space is separated from the adult section allowing children to interact without feeling the need to whisper. They speak as if they were at home. Mother’s mingle and make new friends. Everyone is happy at the Fisher’s Public Library!! Cheers!!

This is the poem-in-my pocket today:

There is no Frigate like a Book... | Words will Never Hurt Me... | Pi ...