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personal musings unleashed

Let’s get something straight, shall we?

There is quite a bit people do not know about me and rightfully so. Most will never get to know me much more than what I tend to share here. I feel I share a lot but there is much I keep hidden. I have learned people do not really bother to get to know people. They accept what they want to see. Or hear.

I avoid politics. I hate political statements which are often one-sided.

So if you post anything that smells like politics, anywhere on social media, I will over look you. It is not that i don’t appreciate your support of me, nor have i stopped supporting you, i just do not respond to one-sided arguments.

Alveda King, MLK Jr.’s niece, has an excellent op-ed on her blog, about people’s selective outrage regarding children. We have witnessed countless children ripped from their mom’s, knowingly and unknowingly, and we just now demand some thing be done? Why now? Seems some people’s heads and life are worth more to people’s personal peace than others and most i have witnessed have no qualms about rooting for world destruction, if it means someone they abhor obtains peace for the world.

I think it a shame the way people are behaving today. I am going to lose some friends but i know they really are not friends.

I usually keep quiet. I abhor conflict. But i believe my heart is in the right place here….

All lives matter. Always have. Even my enemies’s lives mean more than my own. I am prepared to die for truth and liberty and compassion for all.

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I promised to be more deliberate this year. I am the same fly-by-the-seat of your pants, wishy-washy, gal of yesterday. My posts are erratic. My feelings ride the rails.

I am a blundering mess. I walk through fire, over pebbles, move stone hedges, fly over grassy fields, wander lonely roads, dig graves, wade in muck, climb thorny trees, wallow in sorrow, and then. And only then begin to see.

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seeking a writing partner(s)

Do you like writing with others? Need a sounding board? Want to polish your works “before” you release them to the eyes who read your blog? (i am guilty of publishing everything and anything and need discipline.) Then I encourage you to contact me because i am searching for such a person or persons.

First, i should warn you i am highly introverted, never finish a project (but really, really want to publish a book of poems) and get off on long tangents which eventually never resemble what i started. I am currently in-between homes, not organized, have none of my writing or painting tools (the longing for them is burning through the layer of clothes) as they are stored away.

There are positives. I am still passionate about creating with words and color. I am a great listener, so if you need to get something off your chest…. I am married so i wont be needing anything from you except time and a love for poetry, abstract art, photography and listening to the sound of hope.

So what are you waiting for… i am here!

A snippet of what i am currently writing…

I am riddled with holes

as parts of me


to leak out

upon the hard wood floor

a wide-planked pine

circa 1874.

I have been told, countless times, i am archaic. So if that doesn’t scare you, i am game. 😍😘🎶🎶🎶🕊

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Being Vulnerable

Is it better to get hurt and live or die and never be hurt? Ah! the joys of being an infp!

Some how, and please don’t ask me how, i stumbled onto this “who am i” path. Again. It’s not terribly wrong to want to understand, until this happens. You realize

#3. You find yourself thinking of the worst possible outcome that has a 0.00001% chance of actually happening.


or # 4. You go through moods of acting like a bossy, insensitive jerk, then minutes later, hate yourself and regret saying the hurtful things.

yep! So now I will have to go and hide, because after all…

#6. You have an endless supply of poetry, writing, and artwork that is probably REALLY, REALLY good, but you’re too afraid to ever share it with anyone.

And, sure i have shared plenty. I wouldn’t ever say it is really, really good. Maybe its mediocre at best. But damn, i have to get out of this shell. Some time. Now to find where i put those keys…

#10. Just because you don’t wanna party every night, doesn’t mean you’re not a lot of fun!

But I do!!! I just am afraid. Of you!

All above scenarios were found at personality growth. Now to go back into my grave. 👻👽🤕

Insert my daughters as the infj’s that they are and me, being the infp, and you will understand our relationships. A good reason my daughters think i’m a hurricane, tsunami, blizzard or whatever other storm exists. 🙀

Glad you stopped by. Thanks for reading. Luckily for me, you don’t really know who i am. ✌🏼J✍️

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Haven’t caught you yet

You Tube Lesson #1. Slip Knot. Single Chain. (12/4/2017)

Always chasing
the White Rabbit
Alice to settle a score.

I am quite impossible. I should say irritating as well. Ouch! And to say this regarding myself, beating out the truth, is terrible. True. But i took some magic pill last night and my appearance has changed today.

Should we attempt to explain ourselves, to others? Pooh says “Oh! Bother!” and I much oblige his philosophy. Still, I peruse outlying thoughts, sayings, take a MBTI test. I take this test over and over again.  Different test, same results. It says I am an INFP. What does that mean?