The Painting

growing restless

blown-out candles

leave behind smoke

rising stories fill the senses

pictures forming

paints are humming

mixed-up hues of

ochre, verde, sepia,

cadmium orange and cyan

hand is trembling

voice is scratchy

heart stops

catch your breathe

close your eyes -handle

of brush levitates

and down splashes your sweat

amongst the tears of increasing years

quiet, taut and invisible

signs of life approaching

nearer the canvas

and soon your caught

ropes and hooks

with a fisher’s net

of scrambled puzzles

non-configured, contorted syllables

poetic verse undressed

and therein lies the bare necessities of The Painting.

Indy Reads

Indy Reads is a nonprofit bookstore run to support literacy programs for adults and families in Central Marion County and the City of Indianapolis.  This was my first visit and well worth a trip from anywhere in Central Indiana.  Paperbacks are $5.99 and hardbacks are $6.99 and they have rare books for sale as well.  Currently (1/12/2018) they have a complete set, five volumes, of Virginia Woolf’s Diary for $60.00.  And they have a great collection of Poetry….

I ended up purchasing some modern poet’s books I had never read before and whose style I enjoyed by a quick glance.

Nicholas Christopher The Creation of the Night Sky
Carolina Ebeid You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior
Chuck Carlise In One Version of the Story
Catherine Barnett the game of boxes

Indy Reads has a quality children’s book section. Do note the children’s books are not organized in any fashion so you should plan on spending some time looking through the shelves of books.

They have a Facebook page, a website, and always need volunteers.  Oh, not to forget, they enthusiastically support local artists and writers with ongoing programs and opportunities to display works for sale.  If you ever find yourself in Indy, do stop by.

A dream project

It really hurts to pack my books away. I dream of August or September when I hope to be in a new house. Make it my home. And put all these books back on a shelf.

And then I hope, a new scene (maybe Boston, hope I have not jinxed my future by saying it out loud) means a new thought process and all these hidden projects sitting on my shelves will come to life.  I have wanted to write children’s books for quite some time.  My favorite children’s illustrator/author is Lois Ehlert.  I love her folk art style and the color that embellishes her pages.  The simple stories she writes captures a child’s imagination.  And mine. (Some day I hope I can organize my collections as she has done below.)


That really could be me pictured in her book.  I spent every summer riding my bike to the library.  I would come home with a pile of books, weighing more than I did, and would sit in my tent in the backyard, reading and dreaming of the world.  To this day, I still have no clue what life means, other than love is precious and relationships are what keeps us from falling too deep into despair.  Oh! if I only practiced my wisdom.  I often find myself sheltering from the world still…. hidden in my writing room dreaming of possibilities.

img_3213-1The above illustration is quite helpful to me.  To plan the whole book at once… ah! makes so much sense!   This will take a whole lot of discipline on my part, as I often write everything without planning.  My learning to become more intentional in creative habits, will be a positive step in my growth as an artist.  (I said it! Am i?)

Although, I do need a sense of mindless space to generate ideas but then will utilize her method to organize my chaos.  🙂

If you have children in your life, I recommend this book highly.  She had an exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum of Art a while back and I was able to purchase it there.  I am sure it is available on Amazon if you are interested.

Happy writing, Jeanne


2/27/2017  Inspiration update:  Heaven, Hayden, Bentley and DeAnthony had fun making their own “Beatrize Milhaze” MArth project.


Beatrize Milhazes  Super excited when I get to go visit the Kindys at IPS14 this afternoon and do MArth, a combination of Math and Art.

We will be making art similar to Beatrice Milhazes. Did i say I am super excited? 😜

Pictures to come. Have a great day.💛

Mixed-Media and me Part One

What are you doing today?

I have been hit by a creativity bug so I embark on a new journey to explore other mediums to tell a story.  I will temporarily put down my pencil to pick up a paint brush and scissors, running with a moment, a seasonal breeze to carry me along. Not sure how I’m feeling, a trace of electricity flowing through my body, though there is a general direction I am heading towards.

I feel white
like a new sheet of 140 lb paper
clean and fresh.
Brush strokes tickle like a feather.

The first step is to assemble the materials:

I am using Carso 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper, a 1/2″ rake brush, dabs of Vermillion, Yellow Ochre, Coeruleum and Sap Green watercolor paints.

Last Tuesday I drew the Ancient Etruscan bronze horse from a photograph with chalk pastels. I love the simple, clean lines. I had no idea until this morning what to do with him and decided to incorporate a found magazine image, old US postage stamps, a silk leaf and cut out cotton paper to form a story. Most of my images were some where in the house. I admit I had tremendous fun scouring through my studio (aka quilt, scrapbook and craft room).

Here is the first watercolor layer:

While I wait for the first layer to dry I am playing with a few chosen Etruscan words to incorporate into a poem.  Here is a sampling:

thamna (horse)
neri (water)
Celi (September)
uslane (at noon)
tular spural (city boundaries)
clan (son)

I confess I am artistically challenged in drawing and painting with no formal training and I encourage you to try. I have a Pinterest board you can follow with lots of sparks to get yourself started.

Having fun, J

Inspiration to fight

So often I find Manuel’s words set a spark in my heart, twirling my mind around past and future thoughts so to share his words in the link tagged, is a pleasure. The words below are mine.

Wiggling my way out of the maze,
finding myself sucked back in,
losing my love for myself and others.
Questioning how else to live,
reminded of what I realized,
leaving a cave of dark
to bravely face the light
my only choice to understand life.
Good and bad resides within
now I need to welcome others in.

No more walls to barricade
No more walls in hopes to protect my heart
No more walls to keep others out.

What lays in wait,
will find my weakness,
I know, I feel it approaches.
Do not feel sorry for me,
this is my battle to win.

Prayers and peace,
my childhood faith remembered
A call on my life to be peace and prayers.
Do not feel sorry for me,
this is my battle to win.

Struggles come back.
Oh! how life tore me apart,
man’s deeds left me bleeding.
Do not feel sorry for me,
this is my battle to win.

To those who have lifted me
I am forever grateful
I will always remember you.
Just do not be sorry,
this is my fight, to win.

A beautiful food blog discovered


I love to cook as much as I love to write poetry. I am pretty good at both and satisfied when I eat my prepared meal or leave a half-finished poem at an open door, hoping someone steals a few words. Both are to be digested,leaving you feeling nourished. So when I found this blog I immediately was attracted to the originality of the recipes that inspire me rather than make me believe food is absolutely necessary. I love to eat and write only when I am ready. Sometimes that means not eating a morsel or feeling the blanket that covers me. Enjoy!