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lyric saviour… Yes (the band)

Provincetown Cape Cod whale watch
whale tales

Philosophy Through Photography a beautiful blog, you should check out, had invited me to participate in a three-day lyrics challenge… which i am completing in one day.

Who doesn’t like music, right? so… i willingly, without so much as a struggle, played along and saved songs from neglect… and resurrected words, so good… healing to me and my soul!! Hopefully you too?

The band Yes is not played on the radio much anymore but is a favorite of my husbands… and now me too!

I will not share all the lyrics… some are embedded in the videos shared…

The Starship Trooper lyrics by Yes… oh my! Yes! Click the link to read them.

So? Will you share too? Your favorite songs… with me.

Finished and thank you for the invite Philosophy Through Photography. There so many other great lyrics to explore… perhaps another day.

A humpback had breached this trip with no visual recording… only the experience to remember.

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This side against that side
warring for a country
lost in purpose
satisfied, we turn our head
feel nothing for each other,
and who sits in the middle
spinning the world toward the sun?

Power of one is won
masses united
worldviews strive to change
we realize
love is universal to all ideas
fortified with tolerance
and peace toward one existence.

I believe this love is our image of God, our smiles and hands held out. Reach for the other whether you believe God or doubt. Either way, healing begins inside to change the outside.