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pushing my feet can feel ground head in the clouds i will rise to fly paradise

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at the altar.

Exit left… continues. 4/25-6/22/18 pieces exist all about to afford the chance i be found beneath rubble kicked aside Merry-go 4/25-6/22/18 lost and wild she twirled around the story ever changing each token took to spoken unbound Silence engulfs. 4/25-6/22/18 why i am i am not here to garner attention i am here to figure…

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forget day three i pardon thee day one and two faults forgone with oceanic phases grace And so it goes… waves rush in/the moon ebb and tide/release your mind. thank you dear Rory for thinking of me… i do love quotes and those shared are but a few, of many worth your while. Be well…

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i do not desire to be soft with you, warned about using the other -amidst dark and light angelic beings the grueling battle between rubble left behind, our bodies castaway.

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