Unleashed Thoughts

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Nothing.Her handsheld out, reachingempty spaces, vacuous trancessilence held in sacred spacemissing. A million trains travel through my head daily. I miss every damn train. I arrive at the depot, out of breath, with frantic nerves from tireless searching, and grief enmeshed between pores. Looking intoContinue reading “Unleashed Thoughts”

at the altar.

Exit left… continues. 4/25-6/22/18 pieces exist all about to afford the chance i be found beneath rubble kicked aside Merry-go 4/25-6/22/18 lost and wild she twirled around the story ever changing each token took to spoken unbound Silence engulfs. 4/25-6/22/18 why i am i am not here to garner attention i am here to figureContinue reading “at the altar.”