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Mood ring
I once put on
to watch the colors change.
And when the colors
didn’t align
with how i wanted things
the ring came off
and drowned in ebony.

And i wash away everything
everything within sight.
To be still in heaven’s light.
And pray tomorrow never comes.
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a midwinter god

our need to understand
the misunderstood

thrashes about
a moonless, midnight path
warning us to be careful with our falling words

dangerous to dwell in the cave
reality morphs into nightmares
forevermore a life balance

derelict actions swallowed up
in the abyss
a worn winter’s welcome

between the narrow path of wisdom
and the unassuming curves of knowledge.
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Who can love ever so sweetly
the fragrance of a lilac bloom, midwinter
when the scars of summer subdue
and the fog of autumn morn,
cover the lips forlorn?
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Misshapen and Unaligned

I can’t quite remember 
why did i choose the blue shoes
or the ragged jeans
that i have barely worn?

I scour my closet
to find a decent outfit
and ransack the piles of clothes
at the foot of my bed.

What becomes of a woman my age
who barely leaves the house?
I would much rather don pajamas
and surrender my self to endless nights alone.