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Time in Review: B&W (and a few words)

The minute 
the very exact minute
i opened my mouth
out flew every disease i ever caught.
And so i buried myself
under the pine
with worn words as a companion.
A silent celebration
i invited no one.

I am about a month away from my Little Free Library grand opening. Which means I am busy constructing my first collaborative chapbook and I am eager to let everyone see it soon! Thank you to those who have contributed.

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Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

The heaviness of hibernation has me wiggling out of my skin.

I want to experience again
the day i first met you
on display
the layers of tongue
wagging through philosophy
lifting life.

Us finding midnight blue.

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Feeling good about myself and others.

Home Bound

I haven’t posted many of my thoughts lately. Mostly out of a cringe in my stomach telling me to hold back the tide of bile. An anger lurks underneath the bed.

And you are healing? Aren’t you feeling your way out of the dark yet?

Ive been here so long. You fit like a glove. The peeling back of every layer. Every fear succumbs to my scratching fever. The bedside table rarely tips. The icy water barely sipped.

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No Words at the Moment

Can you hear me
make home
in the silence of the woods
where i watch freshly fallen snow
absorb her howl.
And i walk with a limp.

My days blend one into another. My to-do projects never quite finished. Ever chasing what best resembles my thoughts.