could be missing me

she took exit 183

where the road appears

to stretch farther

seems longer and then

found out

he had left early morning

after a restful night

of chirping crickets

and a moon serenade,

waiting for her at exit 182.


this heart exits

at love-broken

your mind stops

at soft-spoken

our life resists

tokens of

could be’s and missing me.

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Bardstown, Kentucky

Our visit to Bourbon Country in Kentucky was a lot of fun.  We visited Willet Distillery, where the two silos exist, and Bardstown Kentucky had plenty of lodging to venture out from.  Walk along the streets to find old advertising logos along with stained glass windows and architectural pieces on brick walls.

Willet Distillery

We also visited Marker’s Mark, which has absolutely beautiful grounds.  And of course yo will leave with plenty of bourbon.  Bourbon Trail, Kentucky USA.

Maker’s Mark Distillery


knowing (part two)

collection of private journals -packed away 1/9/2018

journal pages ripped straight from time
time severs the mind
cheap wholesale thoughts -sold to highest bidder
reminders we are products of hard work and perseverance.

who sells the answers cheaper?
i scanned the pages with a qr reader
as if written in hieroglyphics
and everything came back blank

empty promises made to myself
to do this and to do that
a book of Eden
pleasure where the world is lost to me.

then i see it
a post dated May 28, 2001
its been a long time since i wrote
back then i’m planning my garden

dirty seeds -buried
exist in the laundry room
watered and well lit
sprouting hope

all hope lost to time
with your splintered soul lying in same dirt
waiting to be watered
seasonal drought takes hold

everyone is missing from your life
and if you were a prophetess you would have heeded the words heard
“Be ready!”
but you kept moving

knowing nothing attacks the target -flying
opportunities obeyed
and your missed shots left scars
miles long, long gone -no time for healing.


The shores of Lake Superior, mighty as her waves exist, she invites and brings peaceful contemplation. Those who brave her cold heartless storms never forgotten.

So i venture towards her calling, a promise to be kind, and i drift along with passion, dreams all but blind. Her into me and i into her and life lived in the wind.

I’ve been lost now for days and i will never be back. Her jealousy my only lack. And i float along without you.

*originally written and posted 1/3/2017.

i die

a little inside

each day;

i don’t remember

the strength

you talk about,

how i lifted high

the clouds,

revealed the mountain,

sun peaks inside

my mind.

i try

to light the fire

ignite a spark;

i am

too cold,

worn and tired,

an angel banished

to walk this earth


thinking of you

so close

yet starlight years away.