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personal musings unleashed

who is responsible? for me… and there is no blame to lay… early the birds chirp. have you ever heard a grumpy bird? not me… and there is no shame today… all ready to plan my day… all these baby steps, these horrid thoughts shed… (woah, guilt, back off, this is space to spread cheer……

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I do not wear tshirts

but a post led me far away from where i was mentally…. and i decided to turn a corner and explore… a world unbeknownst to me exists with cotton candy skies and lollipop swirls of sunshine and stars made to twirl in minds of gold born of old i entered paradise disappearing, laughing, riding upon…

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take notice of intricate details after the rain wonderment calls robin atop weeping elm showered dress bursts forth delighting song

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A Face in the Crowd

Weekly Photo Challenge Another person doing his thankless job and keeping all safe on the slick Chicago streets. This post is for those who do their job, not knowing who is noticing their hard work, “Thank you!”

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A Face in the Crowd

Weekly Photo Challenge These boys turned camera shy… A recent trip to Chicago brought final death to my dslr camera. I fell first in Boston in October 2017 and ruined my zoom lens and then fell near Chicago’s Oriental Theatre… oh my face in the crowd! That was the final blow to the camera body.…

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need to pull you closer to my heart strings tight around your body, strum lightly song

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knowing (part three)

you inherited the chive patch knowing picked blossoms fail to seed saving you time later from unwanted guests -so fill a jar with rice vinegar bathe the purple buds in time, pink flows covering life in marinade saucy joy splashes high above the growing grass menial tasks put off another day.

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