Poetry! keep our spirits alive.

Admire the artist’s canvas,

alive in moments

snapshots of beauty

when peace exists. 

She ponders “Never give monsters room to trap and leave you soulless.”

Her answer was to pen hope.

Or at least truth, as brutal as it appears. 

She realized black added to crimson, remains a circle. The sharp edges of orange a mere distraction. 

The swirling of stars makes one dizzy and yet we stay grounded in the paradox of light. 

If a painting fails, existence becomes painful.

Morning musings

Leave me here

Do not worry about me

I like it this way

Lost in my head.

On occasion I allow myself this pleasure. I enjoy the voices. A friend who visits without knocking. 

You call me crazy. I understand. You have not wandered this fantasy land. Brilliant colors and fantastical paths, of words swirling, on winds blowing my way. It is a calling I cannot resist. I would invite you if possible. The best I can do is ink it. Black ink or perhaps orange. Yes, vibrant orange.

I take my pill and ward off the melancholy, except the mood is really more bleak. My mind’s prison speaks half-truths when it’s buried, 10 feet under where I am absent. Nothing moves here. 

Today, sunning with vitamin d washing over me, skin soaking in hope, I wonder if I am ready to move beyond the pill? It would take courage and faith in the strength I have been building; a treasure chest of positivity. I am sure there would be a war. 

A room with no windows is a mind with no eyes. I am shut tight. I am shut. I am. I. …

Tip of the iceberg

Alice quietly took a path..
and never stopped walking, wondering, “Why just the tip…see the whole. We are not parts, dissociated.”

Growing up we become broken
storing away dreams to visit
once we cross the bridge.

The best gift i ever gave myself was to see a therapist.
He helped me see myself. All the parts. The ones forgotten.

I slowly bring the puzzle,
sorting pieces,
matching edges,
looking at my whole.
Being, a beginning.
I am alive.

Not absent of pain but forging through darkness.

An ever lingering landscape.
Fear and denial still escape.
Haunting my happiness.
Feeling both at once.
Falling into Alice’s rabbit hole.
The rabbit always late.

i need time…time is all i have.