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Pippi’s New Year

(A picture of me as Pippi Longstocking exists. Somewhere. or Perhaps it is lost forever, thus really nonexistent. The memory carries on.)

Im a little bit everything
and all over the place,
mail in my purse
that hasn’t been sent
a list of to-do’s
certainly not to be spent
a knot in my hair from ’72
when mother gave up on my hairdo!

So incredibly complicated
with every new day
I am grateful I have nothing much more to say.
So, look at my face
realize this once
I have feelings, gosh darn it
so play with me nice!

I am asking 2020 be my year
to learn and love
dance and play as my heart needs
the score complete
as Mr Gull flies by
and in his pursuit
he finds I suit his curiosity.

So, off I go, to dream,
to see,
what my imagination, Mr Gull and I can scheme!

Goodbye 2019!

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Cee’s Share Your World (why not?)

I am terrible at making choices… and Cee’s Share Your World this week is all about choices.

Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts? Nuts. Easy so far. Raisins too! 😋

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Ummm… depends on my thought process. Am i feeling followed, checking over my shoulders to see who is there? CLOSED. Out of mind is best in this emotional state. Am i relaxed and feeling breezy? OPEN. Would not want to miss anything that is happening in the world.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time? My parents were sticklers on time keeping. If it were up to me i would always be late but clock hands are engraved into my psyche… those hands push me out the door on time. Every day. 😣😔 Never relaxed because of those hands.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Certainly not the swarming mosquitoes yesterday, who chased us out of the woods on our Sunday walk. So i will reflect on the previous Sunday walk…

We locked eyes and this will be a forever, unforgettable moment. Deeply held, mutual respect.

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the attention he gives
my heart a sponge
i sop up his smile
his brave revelry

yep, i do
like to play
toy with the boy
stuck in the corner

it makes another jealous
feel his scorn
to break his heart
i will depart

which breaks mine
ever tougher…

what turns me -this way
i gave my vow
eternally forsaken
ever lasting fool

i beg, borrow, steal
i keep lusts hidden
wandering mind
lost to hell fire

i want them all
their romantic flames
kept stoked with a twist
of my tongue