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poetry in the mundane
things to do
grocery shop, the fridge is bare
and the cats need to be neutered
no time for kittens
or space.
the world keeps on spinning,
they found a new moon
and the hair and nails keep growing
the weeds overtaking
life -i tangled in the mess
attempting to make order
chaos surrounds and my only desire
to sit here and conspire.

Poems to form, the mundane.

2 research papers due by Wednesday
then statistics start
my math brain departs
my husband sits by my side
this our time, the world stops
the poetry made in our eyes.

Mundane poems
not for everyone
only for the disorganized.
I suppose I should start
before it is too late
see -my chest stops rising…

i pass the baton
and who ever shall read these lists
let us be clear
my children do not like broccoli.

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Well Deserved

He flirts with disaster
smoky passion gone amok.
Sin smoldering inside her
couldn’t pass up his luck!
The men she sought
not to give but take.
He would have been
better served forcing in the stake.

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Keep me warm today

lady, sing the blues

rock this beating heart to sleep

Springtime has turned cold. 

Blow that sax honey,

my fingers humming along

“Just be ware your toes!”

Heroin Gets You

Suburb’s epidemic song.

City folk frown ‘long.

God, what’s happening?

Springtime jazz will keep us warm

Snow ‘In diana