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The deepest, darkest rises in the fog, burned away -hidden desire. Oh, why feel so free behind the screen? And how our creator tapped into the sensual, leaves us mourning the loss of soul.

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Wide-Open, Eyes Shut

Thursday Doors – Norm 2.0 Fear this wide open space -exists to construct walls add windows and doors to enjoy the view. If life isn’t fragments what is the big picture? tears witness death storms wash me to sea tides say goodbye, evidently.

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Indy Reads

Indy Reads is a nonprofit bookstore run to support literacy programs for adults and families in Central Marion County and the City of Indianapolis.  This was my first visit and well worth a trip from anywhere in Central Indiana.  Paperbacks are $5.99 and hardbacks are $6.99 and they have rare books for sale as well. …

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yield a brisk start rapid steps -toward pushed forward crashing clang hush subdued Plover approach skitter days -search what’s left behind (Day Three of White Sands)

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Ascend (a photo challenge)

Ascend I would love to know what squirrels think, when they see a person walk by, who suddenly stops when they hear their chatter above; stop, dig, reach in, snap, stare and stare and stare. Move along… For any length of time, no doubt, that squirrel is surveying an escape route. But you must question…

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shuffle the books sifting sand consider the last demand he graciously asks, she sits in his chair “What is left to know?”

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Labor Day Utopia (brain toils)

Our brain toils to educate be apolitical gain knowledge one can hope we can hunger for truth make peace with ourselves, as people being selfish. I understand some see Gandhi or Mandela, even MLK as being selfless.  Mother Theresa.  Or were they?  They labored hard, demonstrated how selfish we are. If time could stand still…

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