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communion of souls

wish i understood perhaps, i do deep inside light eminates a bushel covered instincts reside beside, i fathom the mystery of life… to shine! the grumblings of earth, surface lay bare the charred forest scattered to four corners the huddled masses break free and rejuvinate spirit… to be! communion of souls, breathe a hush spreads…

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A Face in the Crowd

Weekly Photo Challenge Another person doing his thankless job and keeping all safe on the slick Chicago streets. This post is for those who do their job, not knowing who is noticing their hard work, “Thank you!”

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A Face in the Crowd

Weekly Photo Challenge These boys turned camera shy… A recent trip to Chicago brought final death to my dslr camera. I fell first in Boston in October 2017 and ruined my zoom lens and then fell near Chicago’s Oriental Theatre… oh my face in the crowd! That was the final blow to the camera body.…

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eyes have seen the light

eyes have seen the light, charcoal, 2015 (original photographed and edited) paths to follow exertion against blindness she chose resistance and solitude forged her way into realities unknown wandered in landscapes lit by strangers kindness too great to let go

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If I ran the zoo

“Can I get a cat?” scrolling through the Craigslist feed, Anna looks up at her father. Switches her glance to me. Investigative journalism, smart. Interrogation, even wiser. She was feeling us out. I adamantly said no. For 23 years I’ve been running a zoo. Every animal imaginable, small and sweet, has been a member of…

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That be you -empty. Burns chosen to decorate the body’s walls. Her paint peels off; removes the scars. Bones so fragile her skin slips down. Everyone leaves her -emptier.

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Silently whispering

I have been hard pressed- trying to be my best. And in the process, lost all rest.  Broken, storms erect a wall. Weak, utterly confused. Silent. The drums ever louder, marching to the beats, painful echoes I repeat. What is heard? Look up! vultures. Masses circle, tease desires. Grotesque in cue. Addressed invitations to the…

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