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You and Us

I apologize before you get too deep into the muck. My crazy head is a rubber bouncing ball as I jump from topic to topic. I apologize if you are feeling dizzy after reading posts. My life is rarely planned and I go where the spirit sends me.

My Artist Studio Window

My studio is just about complete. It is feeling cozy. Full of all the things I pick up on my walks in the forest behind the house. Where all manner of bird and mammal live. A black bear and a moose were spotted recently about 1/2 mile from here. Do I hope they visit? Yes and no. As I recently set up a bee hive and a brooder with a resident six chicks, if black bear could keep the appetite in check and moose only comes to clown, I am putting out the welcome.

Forest Finds

Do things seem different here on my blog? I feel a different woman lately. I feel freer. Freedom is a lovely thing. I wish you all peace and hopefully poetry flows for us.

Break through
to see you
I invite us into
fluid movement

the whale ascends the heavens
her voice carries us forward
straight lines that converge into wildness
our voices obscure
and abstract is the face

Make like a river and go with the flow. Shalom Jeanne

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I never carved a word
into anything permanent
because “What is truth?” anyway

studying love
i discovered my blank mind
was dangerously close to hypocrisy

i smoked every flavor
sank my teeth into sugar
rubbed my ailments with alcohol

i brushed bugs off flowers
held the leash too tight
fought against God

and other people’s entities
draped as silver chains
and golden idols of mediocrity.

I once made a pile
stones stacked as fences
stretching for miles

met people who stopped to wonder
what energy provoked such nonsense
whether we agree or disagree
someone will come by and pick up a stone
laid gently to stop
only to be thrown

Just wonder how you write? This came to me in the past ten minutes. Is it any good? Make any sense? I throw my life into the poetic mix and wonder do my thoughts matter. Why matter anyway? Just drink my coffee and run. As always, comments are acceptable forms of relating here. Cannot say we wont misunderstand each other. But I will try my hardest to be available. Shalom, Jeanne

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Abandoned Voices


Everything around us
looks different in your brush strokes
wide swaths of funny

high-rises among rubble
the unspoken razor-sharp bleeds
internal combustion

my dirtied gauze
stops nothing from seeping
puss and white cells and bacteria

festered wounds i picked
until you filled with booze
tempered fury spilt over

until the silent spring
dead upon arrival
we finally met eye-to-eye

voiceless in song
two toddlers in tantrum
with war wounds gone

was anything as necessary
after years of turmoil brewed
than to stand and be alone

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No apology necessary.
No mask required.

I hope you wouldn’t expect me to say sorry. The first half of my life was lived behind a mask of guilt, duty, shame, and lies. And then freedom arrived unannounced. As easy as life exists for clover, I too have found this summer easy. I’m living and boundless. Spreading my hope around tree trunks and watching butterflies take to the sky.

I hope autumn promises me the same. And winter pledges no harm.

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Abandoned Voices

a silent heart weeps
that has plenty to say
why bother though
when the distance distorts the sound

without facial contortions or sight
our love blindly believes lies
when our mind feeds our prejudices
on both sides of this fence
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Week in Review: B & W

Last week was a whirlwind of activity. The chicks are changing drastically every day. Wing feathers are fully formed, downy fluff is molting, and their curiosity never ends. Every time I lift the brooder lid, they come running. They think every visit is feeding time. They are settled though, and like newborns, they need lots of restful sleep. It was then time I enjoyed some drinks on the back deck. And make a few wishes. Every thing in life seems to be solidifying. My dreams I have held so long are budding.

*****I am live this morning, writing on my back porch, looking out into a forest that stretches for an often visited 2-mile hike to reach a beloved pond. Sitting here, I cannot see the pond, or what is frolicking in the gentle breeze. But I suspect there might be a few geese, a heron fishing and a water creature causing ripples. Life. It is fragile and precious. This is but one day to celebrate what will never come around again.

At one juncture, the worn path to the pond crosses over a paved road, which causes one to be cautious, before embarking the final stretch of shaded wood, wildflowers, and bird song. All life congregates at the well. There, we are watered with physical needs as well as the spray of emotional and spiritual hope. If the pond dries up, life vanishes and moves elsewhere. If one remains, stagnation settles in and death occurs. Some will chose to die that day. Fear crowds out existence. Anger builds from fear.

I sip a cup of hot coffee, warming me up to the chilly start today. And present here are flocks of flitting Goldfinches eating River Birch seeds. This occurrence happens every June. In the same tree, a young squirrel is climbing to find if I have put out food. Cautious of my presence, he decides to ramble on. I take another sip of coffee and wonder. We need boundaries. We need to recognize our safe distance from others. Not to tread heavy-footed. But to be humble and listen. To understand and love.

Come sit on the bench and reflect with me. Where is your life heading? Are you ready to give into fate? Or will you push the ending far into the future? Life gives us multiple choices and opportunities to second guess motives, decisions and contemplate how best to achieve goals. What dreams and visions occupy your time? How will you be fed? And rested?

Until next week, shalom. Jeanne

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Every Child (repost from my other blog)

Once upon a time… magic happened.

I truly believe every child deserves to experience nature and man collide. I have a dream that someday I will be able to open the barn doors at Promise Gardens to suffering children. It is my lasting hope that carries me heavenward.

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Sadness seeps
into other’s bones
where desert rivers once
carried possibility seeds.

I carry that new wine skin
water sloshing upon my feet
baptizing me whole.
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Sneak Peek: Week in Review

I couldn’t wait to post on Monday. Six Australorp hens, corralled in a cardboard box, arrived at the post office early dawn. It was joyous to find out no casualties.

Just two days old and their wing feathers are forming. The hardest heart cracks as egg shells when these chicks peep! 💛🐥💛🎶

dawn breaks open hearts
the first light enters pitch black
chicken family hatched
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Sole Witness

She lay face down
water lapped her skin
blue now from delphinium petals
laced around her sin

He parted the sea where she lay
traced his chin
coarse whiskers whispered
secrets she began

Their bodies rose
hovering the waves
lessons taught in verb usage
as their souls witnessed death

and of a life left obscure
while the grass grew around
two hearts as one
with a million eyes to watch

the atmospheric pressure
build bare hands to cover
private thoughts
and of heavens to come