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do you fear he understands keep walking don’t let it end this way from where he comes to seek good your soul undone the thickness -sick coats his tongue ripe and sweet lies of deceit his idea of trick and treat

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Confession: Army Brigade

I haven’t been reading much blog posts. I find in my depressed moods i can barely emerge from my cocoon… and anxiety is worse to try and read. Is it selfish to wonder if others are reading me? Heck, i rebel against these letters. Yet, they some how keep the union strong. Unite against me.…

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long-winded roads

all these stories i read them… pause in the middle of the road to notice the caution sign turning cars approach from all directions i wonder where are the exclamation points, periods, and paranthesis? i find these neglected words dismiss traffic signs thickly settled, a clue to, too many people tracing the same thick yellow…

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en route

changing again i feel the swelling… the release leaving you behind lost been searching found a fragment where did this love come from and when did it arrive i turned it lay waiting pristine and all aglow when this love finds home will it ever go it is all too beautiful my hands heavy with…

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So a pig felt sheepish smeared on the blood fooled the mob with sugared words the wolves celebrated thinking they won their chance of open invites, to praise the pig’s charade parade goers soon realized complainers never connivers secretly worm their way into society to leave the rest feeling vulnerable -yes we swiftly succumb watch…

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Piano lessons (first thoughts)

A piano came with the house. And I sat down with wonder. How does one play a song? Through arched fingers i pound, as elegantly as possible. Or as angrily as appropriate. The sound reverberates around. Or did it begin, start within, to flow through my veins? And perch a tune on fingertips? Yes! piano…

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