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Time Spent

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Time spent with a friend is sweet. Shared treats. Shared tweets. At Cupitol, Downtown Chicago, 455 E Illinois Avenue. If you find yourself there, sitting…

consider visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, a short 20 minute walk away. Along the edge of Northwestern’s college campus.

Please do not use my photos for any purpose, without permission. Thank you.

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Happy Accidents (reblog)

Happy Accidents…

One name Bob Ross…

He was an amazing painter and I find myself at 5am an hour and half until the alarm is to go off and I’m watching him paint a beautiful winter sunset scene with my favourite colour yellow.


I mentioned I had found, accidentally, a painting signed H. Ross. I loved the scene and colors and only after hanging the picture noticed the signature. After searching to see if it could be a Bob Ross painting, his quintessential scenes made me think it could be, albeit never saw him paint a boat, we assumed it was the son, Steven Ross, who had painted it. Now, checking a bit further, I am unsure. Maybe it is Bob Ross. Maybe Steven Ross. Most likely I need expert advice.

Regardless, I love the painting. And if your in the mood for more Bob Ross… be happy.

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Art, Be Mine

I am not in love with one person. Today, no poem to express my desire, written.

Art is the soul of life. The drive to burn my way through the toughest days, exists in creating.

I am in love with art. The dirty and the clean. The high and the low. The spaces between. All of life performed in view and that which resides within.

I am in love with you. I am in love with art.

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Plath and Hughes

Rodin The Eternal Spring Kiss photo @ Chicago Institute of Art 2/2018

I know about Plath
nothing hidden from view
splayed like chicken bar-b-q

What about Hughes?
desirious infatuation -too easy
burying his discrepancies

my own heart boiling
caught in the mix
the list quite long

Jung and Spielrein
Claudel and Rodin
medicine for seeking souls

bleeding love
lost in letters -kept
and i wonder

what caught us up
in this mix of desire…
when i offered my hand.