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i buried my self a long time ago even before you left a smile a hug a “love you” secure in my shirt pocket pressed warm folded in origami fashion the finger oils smudged words linger long long arrives the scent settles upon the dainty face covered by lace secrets of passion promptly, kindly, -erased.

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What Love Really Means

this song jerks tears. I remember the child at the homeless shelter and my sister, her husband, he drank himself to oblivion, dying alone, in an oven called home. I remember the lady i counseled, alone with no where to turn, pregnant and scared, 42, the same age as me. Her story no one would…

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No love lost where love was absent. No regrets defining space you invaded my heart left exposed to search for love. Let me be me and not you mother you never knowing how to care. Jealousy? Hate? Mother’s fugitive child soliciting strangers longings unanswered lying in her lair. Father where were you silent as can…

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