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The deepest,
rises in the fog,
burned away -hidden desire.

Oh, why feel
so free
behind the screen?

And how our creator
tapped into the sensual,
leaves us mourning
the loss of soul.

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What is that feeling i am feeling? Again. 

There are people I need to get out of my life. Im conflicted though. I might miss them and never find them.  Lost to me forever.


Is this my heart that aches? A fever in my head? Symptoms of a mental breakdown? 

I have been busier than usual, spread thin. I tell myself “You were fine before, this time is no different.” Or is it?

Slow down. Regroup. 

I have lost my brother, brother-in-law, my mom, dad, two sisters in 9 years. Now I face my daughter and watch her struggle. The world feels as if it is falling apart. Actually it is.

So why are you forsaking me too? Can you not see the pain inflicted? If i leave you first will i be less heartbroken? 


Do i dare step on the ground? The petals droop as i pass by. I sit in Job’s chair and wail. 

Must i be confined to this misery? Where is the relief? I can’t stand underneath this umbrella any longer!! How will i survive?

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child-like, innocent,
wrapped in torn blankets
feel the chill in the air

Apathy scorching
a beloved city,
762 murders, -deaths
scattered across the Southside and Westside,
war zones of black on black.

War warps the heart
-blood spilled in revenge,
despair piling high,
tasting the bitter
morphed into anger
hatred towards each other.

Hear the battle cries?
A red line has been drawn.
Humanity how-to,
resurrect a mystery,
new minds molding
working towards peace,
-sanctity, life.