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The deepest, darkest rises in the fog, burned away -hidden desire. Oh, why feel so free behind the screen? And how our creator tapped into the sensual, leaves us mourning the loss of soul.

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What is that feeling i am feeling? Again.  There are people I need to get out of my life. Im conflicted though. I might miss them and never find them.  Lost to me forever. —– Is this my heart that aches? A fever in my head? Symptoms of a mental breakdown?  I have been busier than…

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child-like, innocent, wrapped in torn blankets feel the chill in the air Apathy scorching a beloved city, 762 murders, -deaths scattered across the Southside and Westside, war zones of black on black. War warps the heart -blood spilled in revenge, despair piling high, tasting the bitter morphed into anger hatred towards each other. Hear the…

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