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at the altar.

Exit left… continues. 4/25-6/22/18 pieces exist all about to afford the chance i be found beneath rubble kicked aside Merry-go 4/25-6/22/18 lost and wild she twirled around the story ever changing each token took to spoken unbound Silence engulfs. 4/25-6/22/18 why i am i am not here to garner attention i am here to figure…

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My Feathered Heart

Jeanne’s GoodReads Review Please feel free to add me to your Goodreads’s friend’s list. 😁🕊🎶 My Feathered Heart (original poem) My review of The Feathered Heart by Mark Turcotte. I once found a teeny-tiny downy woodpecker feather. At most, the feather measured one inch (2.54 cm) in length. My guess as to the year found…

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All that matters today

Get lost. Be found. Lost and found all over, again and again and again. To the world we simply are dust in the wind. Here one day, gone tomorrow. Sooner the better? Better not be today. We have poems to write, quilts to sew, books to read, flowers to grow, cookies to bake, children to…

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