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Give the world a minute…

via Daily Prompt: Relieved

is it any wonder
any wonder at all
the world has but a minute,
left bombarded
by incessant needs
and empty words.
hear the opinions fall
not as wishing stars
but bitching clouds
that hover over us all?

i am not relieved
that we profess
to be more caring
because after all
the witch has a new face.
our careless reactions
are but ways
to make ourselves
feel better in a world
that never changes, ever.

When I go to a concert I do not want to be preached at and as much as I enjoyed the music I did find myself alienated by political sanctimonious diatribes. Actions do speak louder than words and if we each gave a little more love we would prove our sincere intentions to cover sins with grace.

Up next, U2 The Joshua Tree Tour September 10 and FARMAID September 16 with Neil Young, Dave Matthews and many more musicians to like…

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Treasures beyond the door

Vibrant spirit makes a place great. Louisville KY was a destination with surprises around every bend.

So off to ramble around Joe Ley Antiques, four floors of an 1890 school building on E. Market Street.

Garden Gate.  Front Door Awning.  What is inside?  So many treasures…  He founded the store, scouring throw aways, a man down on luck and homeless.  The rest is 40 years of Louisville history.


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Sunday Ramblings

My head and heart is stuffed plum full this morning. If you are anything like me, you catch a dust particle and whip up a storm. 

Demolition, January 20, 2017

A two hour drive south, to find America’s best bbq, turned into a history lesson. Louisville KY is exploding, literally and figuratively, with excitement. It may not be a “cosmopolitan” giant but boasts architecture, antiques, restaurants, history and a fascination that has me dreaming of returning with my “other” camera!! 

“Belle” of Louisville
Spirit of Ohio River
A clue to this area’s history…

Luckily, I had a phone camera to take notes. I first noticed the rows of houses on 3rd Street, Old Louisville, and pieced dawning answers into “What is her story?” There are fleur-de-lis on the street signs and the notable mixed in with the modern. 

Market Street
Duly noted!
Another clue!
I am blessed with a patient travel companion who allows me to run with an idea…🙃💛  Our conversation on the way home began with a Louisville history search on google and ended contemplating Helen Keller and eugenics. Yeah, they meld…🗝💡

And yes! my better half was successful in finding a bbq meal to live for. 👏🏻😉