dark pleases

understands all. Embrace
dark and light

a bad girl
stockings ripped

her material lifted high

Fingernails -sharp
sunk pleasure, all hers.

He lay wounded
cast aside -screams
from the room above

burnt heart


you can blame her
like Adam blamed Eve

take a bite, she begs
as a stray dog in an alley

their breath rises
morning fog -discreet

a promise to no one
who would ever find them

rumpled hearts in satin sheets

their desire unmatched
had she known him sooner

heat, like fear



My mouth blooms like a cut. –Anne Sexton

her insatiable death wish

sweat and tears

hanging gardens border on the brow,

a victim of her own thorns

the hand-written letters

left to wither, sent

but never answered.

she waits for succulent lips

painted black

to help her feel better.

he never loved her after all.


Insecurities. We all have them. Don’t we? We sit in the ditch, abandoned. Crashed, broken and lifeless, fantasizing movement beyond. Petals draped, glossed over with death. All that feels good is frozen breath, blossomed. Cut open. To blue.

Choice Lines and Whole Poems

This is my first reading of any e.e. cummings poems. I had known of his work, his famous small-capped letters, daunting space and rhythmical ribboned lines, as if his typewriter chittered and chattered like a coal-engine on break. I am fascinated by how his words freshly play, so dazzlingly display on paper, obedient to his hand.

All selections contained in this post are extracted from my current reading of erotic poems, e.e. cummings.

poem xi. And in particular “reckless oral darkness”

poem ix. And in particular “flower of madness on gritted lips”

poem xvi. And in particular “pink propaganda of annihilation”

poem xxi. Is an incomplete Picasso in words… a poem to introduce capital letters. Although i see several of his poems incorporate such steeds; the brave few letters to stand tall.

My favorite poem today is xiv. Photo follows.

This book of poems is a must on the poetry bookshelf. A sin to read and not to have read sooner.