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do you fear he understands keep walking don’t let it end this way from where he comes to seek good your soul undone the thickness -sick coats his tongue ripe and sweet lies of deceit his idea of trick and treat

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absence in wake

Look. Do you see? This picture of me. Look. I once stood in such a door. My vow to not share. My sacred word. My vagrant thoughts. I break the rules. So am i desperate against myself? I truly want to be alone. Do you believe me? I think not. What will any of this…

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crazy! he calls after i take the compliment meant to harm morph into his dream swim deep into unpleasant thoughts surrounded by future fights transgressions meek smiles forced stretched out, about and around me, i welcomed and wrapped you into play naively friend… teasing you listened as no one ever spanked this hard ass your…

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i cant have you while i wait for an answer an answer itself as i ponder sending another letter to address the heart of a flame burnt down in vain you teach a lesson to me the next wave intense alter rebuilt penalty collected a neglience of contrition

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how can i miss what i never had you ask but i did have you and still possess the words spilled on my dress the magic marker highlights the stars spread under the hem this horizon never ending we agree to never wash our hands again -your grin wiped clean by tide a rinse cycle…

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this whispered touch middle finger caress splits open -borders a wounded heart to bleed love and flow your way dreamt you held these broken bones crushed dream -hoarder i offered you my orange creamsicle spiked with fear perched atop you slink below covered silk -corridor i whisk away… you needed more rain to pour chasing…

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falling into the same damn -cycle a trap of seduction change the subject make me the crazy bitch the heartless fox spineless bends to part waters fill buckets to carry them home drink at my expense and watch me drown.

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dangerous game she’s playing in a field of men grabbing misbehaving he stands in a corner waiting praying she finally stays resting digressing into her old ways illusions of love

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this strikes at the heart -love, bondage to you felt the river flow through the winding path I dug laid with rock and bloom dies faster than i did wrapped in arms germinating hope a callous smile i failed to read God bless this man -i was, the greatest dope.

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i do not desire to be soft with you, warned about using the other -amidst dark and light angelic beings the grueling battle between rubble left behind, our bodies castaway.

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