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Meaningful Gibberish

Talk to Me (October 2021)
toward the celebration of human life 
as a path to transcendence
i skip past Beethoven
land on middle C

swing past his open mouth
dance with clenching teeth
directed at my absurdity

our meaningful gibberish
we only understand
the moans escape the metal bars
i lie down beside the piled cloth

stained with gilded tears
teach me forgiveness afterwards
when a hush descends upon bended knees
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Some Day Comes (with Mountains)

he may never know
the soft purr of voice
or silent desire
of you in love with him

the “only ever after”
you ever wanted, rested
in him, only ever
walking to the top alone

the beauty of sadness
in the grip of love
hollowed trees in wind blowing
your falling into arms

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do you fear
he understands
keep walking
don’t let it end

this way
from where he comes
to seek good
your soul undone

the thickness -sick
coats his tongue
ripe and sweet
lies of deceit
his idea of trick and treat

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i want to
tell you, shake
feel us quake
you mute my voice
to a whisper
swim in the shallow
our fingers tremble
strum the chords -ripe
rip off the lever
that keeps us from tomorrow
where a tune vibrates
our music sends shockwaves
a naked justice awaits
in skin tone below
our waist -vacant
lonely possibilities
tempt us by fate
rip open the flood gate
spread the curtain grown over
a weedy lot
your shoes untied
we fight over the victor
neither you or i understand
love was not meant
for war… my peace is ours
to celebrate
this ass spanking
grown raw
hold back your touch -little longer
summer days heave hotter
under this blanket
touch me tender
and i will promise -forever

–for you

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some times
we feel a need -urge
you on to share

hidden behind closed doors
secrets hang out open windows
languid tongues swirl
performing circus acts
on bare minds -born again

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somebody’s fool

body is changing
to form yours
blood-laced gloves
back pockets torn

MacBeth fooled once
me twice more

submissive love
chains around this heart
your knife slices
kinky through my life

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holding on

words you say
to my heart

you push me -towards
open borders
leave the window wide
turn aside

hear your scream
lofty pleasure
sacred dream
wonder wood

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love’s riddle

is it possible
for completed strangers
to love another
haven’t ever heard
their sound
only the reach -felt
as thunder
rumbling under ground

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one word
was all
i stumbled
to fall
into spirals
crashing down
cannot explain
this brain
mindless love
flutters inside
stir crazy
to understand
and now
i ticked
you off…