Tag: lust


do you fear he understands keep walking don’t let it end this way from where he comes to seek good your soul undone the thickness -sick coats his tongue ripe and sweet lies of deceit his idea of trick and treat

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i want to tell you, shake feel us quake you mute my voice to a whisper swim in the shallow our fingers tremble strum the chords -ripe rip off the lever that keeps us from tomorrow where a tune vibrates our music sends shockwaves a naked justice awaits in skin tone below our waist -vacant…

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some times we feel a need -urge you on to share hidden behind closed doors secrets hang out open windows teasing… languid tongues swirl performing circus acts on bare minds -born again

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holding on

no words you say to my heart you push me -towards open borders leave the window wide turn aside hear your scream lofty pleasure sacred dream wonder wood

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one word was all i stumbled to fall into spirals crashing down cannot explain this brain mindless love flutters inside stir crazy to understand and now i ticked you off…

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this game im playing cannot expect you too to stay longer -my lair twisted pattern perpetual one night stand lasting linger left behind orange mimosa clove and (y)lang (y)lang the Yellow River winding through my ancient memories

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