i want to
tell you, shake
feel us quake
you mute my voice
to a whisper
swim in the shallow
our fingers tremble
strum the chords -ripe
rip off the lever
that keeps us from tomorrow
where a tune vibrates
our music sends shockwaves
a naked justice awaits
in skin tone below
our waist -vacant
lonely possibilities
tempt us by fate
rip open the flood gate
spread the curtain grown over
a weedy lot
your shoes untied
we fight over the victor
neither you or i understand
love was not meant
for war… my peace is ours
to celebrate
this ass spanking
grown raw
hold back your touch -little longer
summer days heave hotter
under this blanket
touch me tender
and i will promise -forever

–for you

somebody’s fool

body is changing
to form yours
blood-laced gloves
back pockets torn

MacBeth fooled once
me twice more

submissive love
chains around this heart
your knife slices
kinky through my life