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said it
out loud
did you
hear sound
feel rumblings
winding through
corner rooms
touched by
sunned passions
boldly brave
i ensued

trespassed into
barred windows
jailed doors
hovering beneath
cellar floors
creaking boards
you shutter
held breath
once more…

removed syllables
and answers
no sorry
to tell
what happens
next is
nobody fell

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dare you

ramblings of the heart
imaginings of
could be and all that
interest i show you…

can two people
possibly understand
inner workings of another
broken soul

struggling with freedom
possession and jealousy
stroking the enemy
growing old

colder than yesterday
time slips away
in all foolishness
we played… to dare

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she’s only too eager
to please
winds around his pleasure
he slips through the softness
billows -down

in two
conjoined minds
submissive and dominant
his whispers open her soul

magic when it happens
and neither can quit

the other

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do i know
can i define -love
folded into the hem
tablecloth lined
and set for two
we lit the candle
to burn down
years unspent
hiding from arms
the only arms meant for you

and if i leave -now
lost to the leaved trees
sprung from winding song
how often i would pine

for the lost bird
nested in my mind

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i want to talk
write you -dream
no need to make waves
you asked me to leave

i can’t give you
what you need

sparks left behind
burning hotter
your flames smother
this cold, cold heart

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going down

you never seen me dance
the sway of my hips
whet your lips

the dry sorrow you protect
the pride i carry
wears us down

and if circumstances -change
baby, on the dance floor
i’ll be found

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galaxies born

can’t wash this
from my soul
tatooed on my heart
your imprint branded
hot… then cold
seered into my mind
stars twinkle round me