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Opinions Shattered

What makes you think your right? Isn’t life too complicated to think we can sum it up in a few words. Simplicity soothes our ego but to what disaster do we fall victim to our narrow understanding of others. Blame and finger pointing our game? Little Face Alexander Calder, 1943, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago…

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We can’t live alone but are expected to push forward in our own will. We can be rallied but we can’t be tied to string and pulled.

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My youngest daughter loves fashion and i am quite ambiguous towards it. Ok? i can be just about anything you want me to be and i do love to get dressed up, but rarely. Comfy is my thing. The last time we went to Sephora, her absolute bestest place to buy cosmetics, i tried on…

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Is it the curse of a new year that begs us to introspection and compare ourselves to others? I honestly am having a love/hate relationship with all of life. I am genuinely happy i am here, breathing and writing and reading other’s blogs. I am also genuinely sad at how little i can do to…

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Six Word Story

Without readers, what are writers worth? May i say, it seems only natural to thank all the lovely people in the blogosphere. This blog was started as a conversation with the vast unknown. The surprise is the connectivity that slowly occurred. And occurs. I haven’t bothered to count the years. It’s been many. I allowed…

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You -there puckered up, all hot and steamy pulling boys all taut and dreamy think you have the world -mountains crumbling. Your ceiling coming down the walls leaning -your preening, you thought your eyes saw it all. Magic? Maybe, baby but my intuition tells me your crying tonight.

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I can’t let you go. I refuse to give you up. I am free. There is no one thing -particulars? I don’t confess I like this; I dont like that. -See the bottom of the ocean travels way down -deep and this love of ours won’t bless my sleep because i live my life the…

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