Moth Wings

My eyes flicker in the light.I venture closerto find you quiverpencil lines draw a smilewhere my lips once drew life.A beam shines behind youme dressed in blue.We watch our dance in front of a doorhinged by crafted ironwhile shoes fit for horsesdon our feet. We gallop offto find refuge in silk threadsand pray our faithContinue reading “Moth Wings”


This timehangs like ecstasywhich drives the bike wheelround the bend curves meand i stare into the glassthe clanking ice cubes cool me down enough to hear the wing spanof a hummingbird whirl past where lessons see usstanding arm in arm. When life sends signals we must drop our basket full of good intentions and emptyContinue reading “Blossom”

In Deep Surrender

The trees uprooted and ever movinga ruddy rougemy dead giveaway.The mud cakes my facea promise to remove blemisheswhile you watch from afarand I crouch at the grave.“Listen to the sun sparkle.”A flame on this stick.I fizzle, barely noticedsending you mixed messages.

Moon Speak

You truly deserve all accolades you receive and not just from me. You are a steady hand, holding your pen. And if you feel otherwise, it does not show. I agree with you about words. They are fickle. But only between my clutched hands. No taming them for me. They speak back and demand attentionContinue reading “Moon Speak”

Iron Sharpens Iron

timid soul sparks lighta feeble space to wondersharpen iron words And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark insideContinue reading “Iron Sharpens Iron”

Love Wars

Avoidance of pain. I’m realizing how i am trying my hardest not to feel and yet feeling deeply. I’ve let my mind wander. And I’m not sorry at all, to you, for gifting you value. I like being in your space. And i know you’ve told me to go. Not in words but in otherContinue reading “Love Wars”

run away.

Life is washing over me and my reaction muted. In the process of being overwhelmed i have lost a desire to share. Will I find strength to shoot the barrel. Letters locked and loaded. They suffer and land on days grown cold. The intimacy dares to run away. If I stay, will i manage toContinue reading “run away.”