Green Line Train

too complex
to know
whether left or right

well wait,
i think i know
the mystery
explained to me
waiting for the green line train

and bright lights
taught the learning curve
follow the dimensions
i heard

and still
no idea
i understood
the dynamics of social fitting in
while the machine
welcomed robots
to coexist with us

right and wrong
so i thought
before everyone
in the dungeon
scattering rats

Everything was Easier, Yesterday

I fear mountains
surround our bandages
which does little to tear open
our thoughts
when we aren’t thinking,
standing around the street corner,
watching neon blinking
and reading billboard advertising.

All the signs
point to us
in the center of collapse
while uncle tells jokes
sitting at the bar.

Bordering on His Smile

he built a world
from words and
i dove head first

past the wire fence
and into the squish
of red gel and white pearls

traced the marks
left behind by others
and read his crystal ball

gave him years
to find me dressed in feathers
waiting on the border wall