Find the Time

Each step taken
the light
drawn upon the dark
leant us time
left us shaken.

I’m not worthy
to marry.
We did anyway.
He swept us
to blurred shores
in search of forever.

Stuck in his cocoon
my breath suffocating
was to quietly lay down
paper skin
thin tears bled
swaddled in ribbon tape.

Each step taken
the light
drawn upon the dark
leant us time
left us shaken.

Here Now

Summer flies south
on the backs of geese.
Honking, in hopes
to avoid a crash.

I linger a bit longer
on the shore.
Watch their flight,
as they disappear.

Hid behind the wild blues,
berries to consume.
I wonder how the waves to splash,
without their groom.

Gas-Capped Conversation

Everything admired long enough, resonates. All the sounds in the room meld into one’s soul, where nothing is definable.

Your sacred corner, where you sit upon a hand-hewn chair, is not large enough to hold our thoughts. So move outwards, toward the center. Take a seat at the prepared table. Remove your gas cap and let me pour you a drink.

So what is a nice girl like me hanging around a world full of ego? I am not criticizing you as much as I am myself. For thinking I can make it in a criminal world, ready to strip me of whatever modesty I own.

See, I don’t frequent cheap motels and I never get in a bed made-up with dirty sheets. Indeed, a humble heart can make room, to listen to others complain about their cloudy skies and lack of desert bloom.

The drink? Is it acceptable? My conversation reprehensible? Sit. Relax a while. I refuse to take prisoners but I like to entertain. Your thoughts are as good as mine. Most likely better. And I never complain.

I like to think my words rhyme with the time of day and I never quarrel over pennies. May I mention you take to the road before I bore you. I will say a prayer as you leave. I will watch as the sun sets and the moon grows high.

I soon remember the day as all the others. With reverence, I recall your name.