Steff: Andie, you’re a bitch. (From “Pretty in Pink”)Bitchin’ Now and only now, after all this time I understand how the other half of the world lives. Do I remember what it was like at the peak of my depression? Or my inability to leave the house ravished by anxiety? Barely. How fitting to turnContinue reading “barely”


Son, I remember your opening ocean-blue eyes a timid attempt to love me peeking through slits one eye open, another closed fully amazed at what you saw. Redbud, The deep blue ocean melting tender hearts. The garden is blooming alight with purple blossoms radiance for our eyes give us pause to rest awhile. Redbud, TheContinue reading “Redbud”

Mirrored Reflection

I have been listening to conversations. What would others think of the words you speak? Imagine the reflection you mirror. Two  friends spoke, or rather gossiped together over coffee, “She only works part-time now that she quit her other job.” The other replied, “Really?! Why would she do that? She had such a great job.” “For her kids.”Continue reading “Mirrored Reflection”

Let’s pretend

  Imaginative play boosts a child’s confidence.  The other day, while waiting for a doctor appointment, a mom and her little girl walked in the door. The little girl was holding a basket. It was an empty basket. When the mom was ready to talk to the receptionist, the little girl chimed in “What canContinue reading “Let’s pretend”

The Ring

Have you seen “The Hobbit” movie? Or read the book? I have seen the movie but cannot find the fortitude to make it through the book. I cannot read nor write in such a way as Tolkien. In response to that movie, watching the Lord of the Rings seemed a likely road to take, sinceContinue reading “The Ring”

On being a mom

At some point I bought two books to help me with my doubts and fears about motherhood. Well more than that, but “Mitten Strings for God” by Katrina Kenison and “Meditations for Mothers” by Elisa Morgan are two of my favorites. I find solace in both. God, in his infinite wisdom, saw fit to give meContinue reading “On being a mom”