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I can’t remember my name.
Born yesterday
in an eggshell, cracked
i found out
he liked his eggs over easy
i preferred to be hard-boiled.

And when i can’t
became i don’t
or won’t or worse
it was my will that shattered his ego.

Today i rest my head
a chicken feather pillow
stitched by hand with dissolving thread
he triumphs
the surgery was all i needed.
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The time has come

I did it! My newest blog is up and running with my first post here.

The idea behind the madness has been stirring for some time, as all too often, I muddy my blog Seasons, with ambiguity. My new blog will strictly be random thoughts streaming from books I have read, pictures I have seen or any other muse that crosses my path. Since I am considering putting a chapbook together, this fresh endeavor frees me to organize my posts there and here, according to theme.

It would be an honor if you keep following my journey as I explore the challenges of myself and those I counsel. I consider it a journey we all make from birth to death, albeit no two roads are identical. I love to share my words with you and forever grateful for your time, comments and follows. Happy writing.

Always, J