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The way to blue easily travailed. The happy path lingers sways a brush of cheek. Through cracks seen distance perched upon dire thoughts direction whisks shooting stars past lost scars. Tails of disaster i carelessly imagine ride the rails. My darkness exists -allowed to push away… i grasp the dangling strings held tight to watch…

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your words are poetry too stagnant in my mood not sure how to respond should i rake the leaves leave them to mulch against the chilled wind ready to depart east to west rolling rock down the hill i am

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you birth words in my heart excite nerve endings as no one else can and to be without will only pain. forever.

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control the message

it really is all about control if i lose control -of myself you certainly will try to control me Like this lady, i enjoyed my day at the Museum of Fine Arts. It was the last weekend of a Klimt/Schiele exhibit i did not want to miss. My fav Klimt drawing exhibited. The innocence and…

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ego trip

i have dirty little secrets tucked away revolting wanting air unsatisfied behind closed doors words no deeds bored in here waiting for fame they clamor climbing higher shake me off! and disappear

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Songs on repeat…

Discovered The Avett Brothers with this song… and now love sparkles through out side streets not so lonely which led to this song… is your day starting on a different note with whiskey and rye abandoned love swirling ice will senseless violence ensue? a good day to listen to music The Avett Brothers instrumental to…

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holding on

no words you say to my heart you push me -towards open borders leave the window wide turn aside hear your scream lofty pleasure sacred dream wonder wood

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