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Piano lessons (first thoughts)

A piano came with the house. And I sat down with wonder. How does one play a song? Through arched fingers i pound, as elegantly as possible. Or as angrily as appropriate. The sound reverberates around. Or did it begin, start within, to flow through my veins? And perch a tune on fingertips? Yes! piano…

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need to pull you closer to my heart strings tight around your body, strum lightly song

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heart’s agony

The wind barely caressed my cheek whispering torment I reached for the piano keys tinged from yellow-aged days. Folly, what folly. For my transgressions I wandered 40 days and 40 nights the caved-in chest drew my breath and the sands enveloped my feet. Darling, you stole my innocence. He, yes he gladly gave me fingers…

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Emily sings me a love letter. She brings a deep understanding when humanness, in all cruelty and ugliness, shines through in a life well lived writing poetry. Look for the door where a wall exists. You are a fictional character in my head. You standing at the foot of my bed. I try to touch…

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Oriole you flit about the woods morning dew awake! Two tall hats poking at your breakfast swooping tree to tree! Flowers unfurl your dress the other birds are singing “Sunshine has appeared”!

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  Time is passing by. You wait. No one comes to call. Turn around. Don’t look back. Life waits. Turn around. Turn around. Turn around. Life keeps spinning. Relev√©!¬©  

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