Oh dear.

“I live in a shell, so I can’t blame people when they don’t want to crack me. But people like you are the reason I left the nest.” ― Maria Elena, Eternal Youth Mostly this blog is written in an insecure sense of self. There is plenty of advice out there that tells us toContinue reading “Oh dear.”

Courting My Heart

I learned to love to paint. My hands trembled the first time I picked up the brush. The lack of color left my thoughts white and afraid to be coated. Today, as always, I question what my paint palette should be. I wonder what color fancies my heart? I once dreamed of names for myContinue reading “Courting My Heart”

Piano lessons (first thoughts)

A piano came with the house. And I sat down with wonder. How does one play a song? Through arched fingers i pound, as elegantly as possible. Or as angrily as appropriate. The sound reverberates around. Or did it begin, start within, to flow through my veins? And perch a tune on fingertips? Yes! pianoContinue reading “Piano lessons (first thoughts)”