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I heard this all before as I turn out the lights, check the windows and doors, my eyes shut tight. Lock my heart there are prowlers loose who particularly like the night. They might be here, footprints in the sand that don’t belong to me. I stand on the outside looking in a better place…

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  your butterfly wings travel far and in between your shadow -holds precious dreams go -fly among unknown trails, mountain peaks. I’ll be here -waiting to mend your tattered heart should you return cocoon beginnings a fresh start Moon-glow beams my spirit at your feet.    

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All of time

Time abstract, defined within measured by feelings thoughts anticipation, long enough to tell we love or rush. Measured by passing seasons sun, moon and stars flow -never harnessed a sphere.

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Feeling weighty speech slowed rampant thoughts legs heavy tongue tied heart heavier rapid-fire synaptic nerves. Arms carry behind her back heavy secrets, she falls unable to crawl stuck in the corner windows open eyes peer breeze blowing curtains sailing she is failing hear her calling groaning wailing all is lost and you you are no…

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so long

Table is set your missing. The candles lit, should i blow them out? What happened? See the weeds suffocating hope, I too weak to pull them out. Remember dusty heart the last feast swallowed how the words stung. Now empty voices tenants in my head, once your space and I listen too long.

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