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not you.
we are not
addicted to each other,
i am addicted to you.

not me
earth bound
i tumbled down
to never understand -another.

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Spring approaches
to celebrate life,
an Easter resurrection
still -i

i want to believe
i mean I do believe
today exists
and tomorrow -the next day

so help my unbelief.
I don’t feel the newness
stuck in this wretched
sackcloth, torn and dirtied.

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I almost
missed the mark -but not quite
i took time
sat a spell
looked inside.

I can be -dark
or light
but you make me shine
regardless how i feel,
your grove makes mine.

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Golden Silence

There is so much going on in my head, silence would be golden. 

The car windows rolled down
I was feeling free,
driving round town. And then,
then he noticed me. Pulled up in front,
looking in his rear view mirror…
made me feel fine.

So what brought about this manic diatribe? Plenty.  Some say i’m crazy.

Call me crazy
its okay
i’ll admit i’m crazy -anyway

Besides, i’m in good company
so to speak
i wear this crown -with honor.

Golden silence
all i ever asked for
and there’s no way out of his spell.

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Poetry in Paint

Is it not -the same
poetry -with words
the shape of each letter
-in sound
the same meaning found.

Or perhaps different -less
movement confined
my words a jail
to trap your senses in mine.
I wish to make you free -to fly.

Pond in the Woods, 1922, G. O’Keefe
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Felt I’ve been through this door. -Just once more
not as you
as me
exploring what it is to see
the other side of the sun.
I thought it was dark
and so it was -uninhabited.

(Pic taken at Midland Antiques)

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National Poetry Month

April is a month to celebrate all things poetic, like flowers and lovers but also bicycles and robots, feet and the future.   2017 National Poetry Month (United States)


There exists a tree
a fairy garden
with wisdom circles -gathered round
peace in harmony.

The forest quiet -hiding
there lies a mossy carpet
invites me to sit awhile
trees are nice you see.

The breeze blowing
pixie dust to bloom
I swirl around -without them knowing
the day slowing -passing by.


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Watch the shadows lengthen
and the sea grow dark.
–Patrick McGrath  Dr. Haggard’s Disease, p.67

no, the water is warm
she swims alone
where seaweed tangles
her healing lasts
but for a time.

lost -again
in a moment
she switches back
to a growing vine
that twists her mind
to only let go
when things drift -along

no, the water is warm
she swims alone
where seaweed tangles
her healing lasts
but for a time.