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break through

don’t listen to her chaos heart spirals downward cowers in comfort numb fingers touch skin outsiders peering within lewd lips lick her sin notice more than she… rather dark… another spark desperately hoping… i thought he had gone… rampage… i couldn’t sit still flying words swarm me

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took a jaunt

To think just a few days ago I was reveling in the 60 degree weather of early March.  A sudden blast of cold has taken the spring bulbs by surprise and a few bugs that had hatched.  Nature can be so unfair, turn against the very being of herself.  Oh! she commits suicide at the…

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Summer is coming

Summers are hot and humid in the plains of southern India. It’s a tough season. We sweat, like incompetent lawyers, the moment we step outside our front doors. We feel dehydrated every few minutes. The tar on the road angrily gleams, barbecuing the soles of our feet. Suddenly, the sun assumes that we are all…

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  Photos taken with Iphone 4s. Turkey Run State Park, Indiana, USA. Please do not use these photos without asking permission.

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Oriole you flit about the woods morning dew awake! Two tall hats poking at your breakfast swooping tree to tree! Flowers unfurl your dress the other birds are singing “Sunshine has appeared”!

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