eyes have seen the light

eyes have seen the light, charcoal, 2015 (original photographed and edited) a once cited story history has declared to us her story matters. now!

Thursday Doors – January 18, 2018

Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors I am amazed at the number of door lovers!!! This infatuation reminds me when I was contemplating names for my first child. No one had named their child Emily in ages, and wanting a unique name along with a poetic significance, I declared my first born child to be Emily. AndContinue reading “Thursday Doors – January 18, 2018”

the plight of poetry

Two important things that matter to me are poetry and future writers. Evie @hideawayroom Also I feel that being a teenager… Sometimes adults don’t think that we are mature enough to GET somethings. Sometimes adults think that are opinions and ideas are stupid or unreasonable just because we are younger then them. But what theyContinue reading “the plight of poetry”

America’s future

Courage does not look at the past to justify a hateful heart today. Vile and ugly thought spoken in the public arena is not conducive to bringing brotherly peace. What is needed? I believe inward introspection focused on changing individual hearts. We all should face the world confidently with a smile, being brave not inContinue reading “America’s future”