Artists and Poets: Open Mind

We read things we dislike,
feel poisoned, distraught.
Shy away from reality
lying in our prison cell.
No way free
unless we
face the dark,
roar in the light.  –J

Heard about him from another source which developed from a different thought and soon at the end of everything lie H. P. Lovecraft.

Mr. Lovecraft, a quote, delves into a musing worth considering. His words fit with my thoughts of late. I am curious to know and understand people. Much is said in paintings and poems to enable one to understand. Artists and poets willing to delve into the unthinkable.

My question being, “Is it absolutely important someone absolutely understands?” Perhaps read or look, knowing an experience foreign and wake up to the impossible.

Consider Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful. Silence sacred. Or must we talk. Only gabbiness or exploration of what silence would say if it could speak.

Uncle Eliseo:  Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary.
–Life is Beautiful