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Looking for the ordinary. Well, in this case, you may not be equally satisfied, seeking the ordinary. Go for the extraordinary!!

Never buy a bottle of wine solely based on the admiration of the label or purchase cheese because it is on sale. There is really no reason to give this simple advice other than to save you from being disappointed.

I passed up the kung fu girl riesling (cute but…) and at the same moment, yearned precious time to make fresh mozzarella. Yes, i took a class. Yes, i have made it twice. The first time, the cheese did not melt adequately on the pizza, so the second time i made mozzarella, i made caprese. The cheese was damn delicious combined with basil, garden-fresh tomatoes, ripe and juicy!!

There is no moral of the story, per se, other than you should eat life and pour out your love…

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So many onions in the world these days. –Grocery store blues

Tears seen. Burn through my heart. Enough tears. I will put down the knife.

Finding solutions are easy when we never create problems to begin with. And when we harvest thoughts, root them out, be prepared to cry. The world keeps spinning and who can stop it, to get off? Put down the knife, I tell myself.

I put down the onion too.