Always running
the thoughts in my mind
that follow my legs
to a different time
when flowers were blooming
and the rains were sweet.
The tempest hollows at my feet.

Always turning
around in my head
the voices and visions
that block the view
of majesty, glory and all that’s new.
The magic stands alone.
I run ahead.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” William Shakespeare

Today may just be the day! Today! Celebrate that you have survived and made it through the storm. The winds still blow. The sun still sets. The sun also rises. It gives us courage to keep on breathing. I will!

“We run… because we enjoy it. The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. The human spirit is indomitable.” -Sir Roger Bannister, first runner to run a sub-4 minute mile

God, I have run to the cross and I have sprinted away from your arms. I have walked the edge and planted my feet securely on the ground. I will continue to wrestle with myself and make peace with others. I will continue to grow and accept today. I believe! Amen.

Happy writing,


Follow the Son

“Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see the shadows.
It’s what the sunflowers do.”

Darkness descends

Mirrors and reflections,
guilt and deflections,
someone show me the way out!

Through counselors and theories,
wrong ways and worries,
God patiently waits!

Do I cry in vain?
Lord, do you hear me?
Why should you listen,
anger hides in my heart!
You minister to me,
through friends and their blogs,
talking of seeing ourselves.
“Look in the mirror,
you are beautiful, dear,
do not hide beneath your sorrow!
Did I not promise you
along time ago
to restore all that has been taken?
Have you lost all faith
and belief in My power?
Did I not promise
to move the mountains
and give fresh water?
Water that never ceases.
I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Stop running,
and cling,
to the fountain of life
that refreshes
and renews and revives!
Can I not see
all that I am meant to be
today, tomorrow and forever?

Holy Peace,


The Dark Road

I have been down this dark road before and I surely do not like to admit it, especially to those who expect me to be happy and upbeat. Perhaps it is depression, sneaking up on me, seeing if I am aware of what is happening, as I slowly descend. This is the time that I cling to the Sweet Promises, that I am not alone in this world and that there are people who care about what happens to me and to you and to everyone, even those who we rather think are not deserving of love, since they cannot love.

The world is complicated. It does not have to be, but as people, incapable of living together harmoniously, we revert to old ways of being, slumping into a stupor, oblivious to what is going on around us, because we simply cannot change the world as we wish we could. I believe in absolutes. There is a way to follow that can bring true happiness, even amidst the chaos of the world, the complicated world. That road is narrow and many fail to keep on the path, either by choosing to take a turn or stumbling or falling into a pit so deep that even friendship alludes.

Yes, I am holding on for dear life because I know the alternate scenario. There is still a glimmer that catches my eye and moves me onward. Freedom is not free. It is paid for by sacrifice and whether it is by our own blood or the blood of another, freedom comes with a cost and the price is high. Love covers a multitude of sins. Demanding respect is not easily eaten when the bitter fruit of someone’s labor is acid in our eye. People  brow-beating others into submission, without understanding why they are being forced, in a so-called freedom loving country, is hypocritical. It is all too familiar.  There is no dialogue able to penetrate deaf ears and hard hearts.

Perhaps this is a wilderness or a desert road that we are ambling soberly on. Certainly these roads should be walked on with precautions. Everyone should be as clever as a serpent but as innocent as a dove.

Galatians 5:26 Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.



Poets as society’s conscious.

Poets as society’s conscious. This is what I was thinking while driving my son to pick up his prescription. I kept the words to myself, eager to get home, and do a quote search to see if anyone has ever thought a similar sentiment. Here is what I found:

Sigmund Freud said, from The Interpretation of Dreams (1899),

“The poets and philosophers before me discovered the unconscious; what I discovered was the scientific method by which the unconscious can be studied.”

To a point I understand Freud’s idea that poets and philosophers can sound the alert to what we experience, that is repressed and buried, to keep the status quo from erupting. I also see that at the same exact time, once society’s unconscious is uncovered, it is no longer hidden but a part of our conscious and from that there is no where to hide.

Theodor Adorno  said “Writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.” 

Is it grace that pardons us from society or is it society that strips us of our grace? Collectively, we each should examine our motives and individually we should push forward with a smile. Tears inevitably are shed. Smiles must be consciously given.



Shadow Dancing

Can you see in the shadows?
beyond the realm of sight
exists another world
void of pain and full of pain

and scars that mask
the terror
Can you see the elongated people?

looking larger than life
reaching for the peak

of perfection having made

it to the top
only to fall down…

do not be surprised
if I suddenly

rising from the ashes
Can you see?
diamonds in the sunlight

Where are you GOD?

Can you see me down here?
My thoughts rise up to meet
you in the clouds.



So running forward,
I leave behind my faith.
You weep.



Stopping in my track
I look up.
There you show your love.

The quest for grace
can only be found
when I am nothing.

I am listening.
In my garden
I hear!

Do not worry.
Do not rush
faster than the wind.

Be still,

my soul!

Is anything right in this upside down, turned around world?

Opening Act:

Are you as confused as me? Can anyone watch the news today and say, glad they sorted out that mess?

Are these days, finally, the end of days? Many have speculated and announced dates, only to see their prophecy vaporize into clouds that hang over their heads.

My daily soapbox: Proverbs 17:15 Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent— the LORD detests them both.

Sound familiar? Yes, the truth has become evil and evil has become truth. Look no further than the evening news. You choose, your pick. Which story comes to mind?

 Second Act:

Will anyone be found a believer in the end of days? 2 Corinthians 11:3 But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

Closing Curtain:

One day, the JUDGE will speak, and no one can utter a word! Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.  I have seen this in a dream…even in the church, many will burn, searching for relief, and not even the town fountain will put out the flames that torture.

Until then, the show must go on. Christians are asked to forgive those who trespass against them, be disciplined, pray continually, be grateful regardless of surrounding circumstances and continue to let our light shine in joy!

We are not alone

Sand footprints

How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!

Psalm 139:17

If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you.

Psalm 139:18

To Life in 2013!

Is your life complicated? Do you have power over your circumstances?  Do you feel as if you are floating on the water, waiting for the crashing waves and the rains to begin to fall?  Or have you found a solution to the mounting despair, loneliness and despondancy.   

Isaiah 6:1-3To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory. NLT2007

What a promise! This is certainly what my blog is all about. Finding the promises of God, applying them to our personal lives, and finding true peace in our hearts and minds, regardless of the circumstances surrounding us.

Navigating the waters, whether they be rolling rivers, choppy lakes or vast bodies of open water with no sign of land for days, we have a Book to take with us, to give us counsel and guidance. Applying the Word from that Book will prove enormously fruitful. Be patient. Take heart. Have faith. ©Jeannelizabeth

Remember this and forget that

Carousing through memories, I happened upon a dream of mine.  I recall chasing rabbits down holes and found myself on the other side of reality. Life is mysterious.

Adventuring through my mind, trying to piece together a coherent picture of what I want to be when I finally emerge from this caterpillar stage, I found unpleasant recollections. I thought I had become a butterfly many times before, only to find myself tied to my past. Since 1967, 1985, 1990, and then 2008, my world has been turned upside down and inside out. Those years are significant to me and like a mad rollercoaster ride, I hold on tightly, while I page through the files locked away deep in the corridors of my soul. I have been ravenously journeying into philosophers like Kirkegaard, psychotherapists like Jung, theologians like Francis Schaeffer and heroes like Corrie ten Boom, looking for answers. As I explore, I find myself questioning over and over again, tenants that I held onto as being the end game, to find the ante has been upped. My life is alot like a poker game. I have alot to lose but I also have alot to gain.

The Bible has alot of dreams to explore. I am looking to see how my dreams fit in with how Bible characters dealt with their dreams. Have you struggled with dreams and reality? How do you merge the two so life can move on?

Once you become a butterfly, do not look back ever again.
Do not allow ghosts of the past to come back to haunt.

Forgivneness is the ultimate ointment to a bleeding heart.