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somebody’s fool

body is changing
to form yours
blood-laced gloves
back pockets torn

MacBeth fooled once
me twice more

submissive love
chains around this heart
your knife slices
kinky through my life

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i want to talk
write you -dream
no need to make waves
you asked me to leave

i can’t give you
what you need

sparks left behind
burning hotter
your flames smother
this cold, cold heart

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musing on over

She is not crazy. She is a Pisces.

Being a self-proclaimed writer/painter has its casualties. You become lost to foreign worlds and your only escape is reality.

So i have grown to know a few of my blog followers more intimately. And i am honored they have come into my life and shared tidbits of soul with me. And i have shared too. A tad bit.

I have never vigorously pursued horoscopes but recently a few people shared their signs and i must say i am captured. Scorpio and Pisces are my two favorite signs. And being a Pisces i relate to both of them well.

Love is an illusion, platonic friend. Stay a while and rumble through my head.

I have a series of these photos. I love looking at them for hours. Getting lost in the movement. The changing shapes mimic me, day by day. Often hour by hour. I can feel the caress as they wind their way past my eyes and settle where they may.

What do you see?

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found the truth

about a friend

as it hurt all the more

he hadn’t answered again.

I hate it -really

what do they mean

saying your only human?

After all -you

can never be better than them.

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Color stirs my soul, collecting words the goal. Colors as emotional outbursts, rising up, evading the limelight, causes me anxiousness. I believe the stimulating words patiently wish to be released, to be birthed as seeds blowing in the wind.

These words I conjure deep in the heart of my being are definitely introverts. Why they swim around, refusing to be netted, boggles the mind. I guess they wait for the opportune moment to be caught. If I knew the magic blossoming time I might not waste so much effort harvesting blank thoughts. But then again, how else would I hook them?

Word colors
such as ink, crow
graphite and shadow
where your mind does go?
a familiar place

azure sky hovering over aegean seas
rowing off to indigo sand dollar beach
white alabaster sands as far as
the eye spotting banana trees
flamingo feathers dancing in ballet slippers, tiptoe

to the land of colors
raisin toast with plum preserves
a delectable picnic
under a dandelion sun
sipping mulberry wine watching magenta sunsets

brunette is certainly fun
but not as fun as blonde
so it has been told
definitely offensive

Orange, a favorite color
my son born, it choose me
honey he brought
bronze, tiger and ginger
marmalade, marigold and clay


Thanks again to for a wonderful post about cadmium, a painter’s pigment. Her posts often lead me down a lonely road, walking it I hash out my thoughts as raw as they may be. Ingrid Sundburg and her delightful color thesaurus, which can be found on Pinterest or a favorite search engine. As well as all the bloggers, sharing worlds.