Attending the Opera

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What are we willing to give up? What would i find behind your curtain as i swing it aside? Have you, will you, consider letting me know?

I wait. Anticipate. Is this a game eagerly played by two? Or only i?

Am i setting myself up for your opera. Life over as fast as it started. Slow. Drawn out misery. Ending with a cry of freedom!

A peek behind the madness of death exists behind every curtain. It matters not your fabric woven. The rapacious appetite for breath carries us along.

I do not plan to go anywhere. Neither behind your curtain. Or stand before it. I want to be your covering. Shield you from peering eyes.


hovering blankets of fault
wind swept waves birth
promise awakened

frailty of beauty -come
peer beneath her layers
enchantment greets

Going through the motions

When your heart
lacks love for today
a mere shadow, chasing the sun away
close the curtains
ban the songs
people got in your way.

I remember
a time -certainly
now, not to be high
perhaps it was last night
the outline of a face
traced in the dust, aroused.

You wait for your ship
a turn around
right about face
float until the motion -going
shifts your head.
It’s this tread you dread.

eyes have seen the light

eyes have seen the light, charcoal, 2015 (original photographed and edited)

a once cited story
has declared to us
her story matters. now

One Thing Learned

Storm clouds forming
rising in my heart
i know to take cover
keep my thoughts safe
some where welcoming
is the one thing learned.

Today i run away from all things bright and beautiful. Cringe at all the happy thoughts that normally would bring a smile.

It pains me to acknowledge anything colorful. The sight of orange and pink makes me shudder. Shake. I puke inside my mind.

šŸ˜±šŸ’™ Glad you stayed with me long enough to witness my care for you. Hope you enjoy bountiful blessings today. Even if i don’t.šŸ¤¢

And with that i will turn my brain off a bit. Hibernate til this blues period passes away. If not, be prepared for all kinds of depressing posts. Can’t say i didn’t warn you…

Stay wild! JšŸ’™


has someone stolen your dance;
raped your dreams?

scars heal but peel…
your ripe and smell of orange.

“please, don’t hide”, she speaks to herself,
the corner of the room brightening

learns to dance in the dark.

If you have pitiful days, lying in the bottom of a bottle or wandering in briar forests. If you hold the knife, coincidentally imagining the scrapes on flesh, while watching the blood flow towards the desert. You have learned the answers to your questions. You eventually learn not to ask more questions when the answers never surprise.

If you breathe on every step. If you bump into all the rest. You will find the questions to ask. Just don’t seek the answers. Go hide.