collision course

Oh my. I think i said too much. I can be quite careless, sparked by passion. Lit by a struck match and ignited by fuel. Kaboom! I have definitely gone off in too many directions. Without giving away every secret attraction, i best quit while ahead of myself… wait for my senses to catch up.Continue reading “collision course”

Moving Day is here!

Staying out of the movers way! Looking toward the day I can rest my mind and rhyme -Think! Set up my writing desk find a place to paint -Dream! until then, i pledge to stay out of the movers way. The biggest day of my life, since i moved to Indiana, has arrived. From thisContinue reading “Moving Day is here!”

life happens

Do we owe apologies when life happens? My heart ♥️ is discombobulated at the moment. I miss you dear readers and i made a brief appearance this morning after a welcome disappearance from the world. A friend and i made away to the wooded hills of Brown County, in my expedient retreat from the hustleContinue reading “life happens”

Attending the Opera

— Read on Fabric on the Daily Post What are we willing to give up? What would i find behind your curtain as i swing it aside? Have you, will you, consider letting me know? I wait. Anticipate. Is this a game eagerly played by two? Or only i? Am i setting myself up forContinue reading “Attending the Opera”