Always a man, the little boy picked up his trucks. It most certainly was not his decision. He had rather destroy than keep order. Chaos, a game to play. And nothing was squared away that day. With time, his anger grew loudly inside but politely kept at bay. Inner demons kept vigil, camped around theContinue reading “dilemma “

Tread Lightly

be kind creation smile on your birding friend glimpse the miracle Snowy Owl. Plum Island MA 1/25/2020. Atlantic Ocean. I hesitated to post my photos of my snowy owl trip since the owl photos are a bit blurry. But hell people, it is a Snowy Owl! And my first encounter. But certainly not the last.Continue reading “Tread Lightly”

Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)

Please read to the end, even if you are not in the mood to be cheery!!!! I truly care for you… 🌟 Possibilities exist in every shiny thought. Never allow yourself to be squared in to a corner without a circle. Be adVenturous! Find a star and start running. Even if it takes a lifetimeContinue reading “Diamonds (Originally posted Feb 18, 2018.)”

Here’s looking at you kid.

How many times have I watched Casablanca without catching the interweaving of espionage and intrigue with undying romance? Too many. I actually thought, until this latest viewing, that Ilsa Lund left on the plane to America, alone. Never realized she was married and her man was fighting valiantly behind-the-scenes. I was so focused on theContinue reading “Here’s looking at you kid.”

Here Now

Summer flies south on the backs of geese. Honking, in hopes to avoid a crash. I linger a bit longer on the shore. Watch their flight, as they disappear. Hid behind the wild blues, berries to consume. I wonder how the waves to splash, without their groom.


Ever so alone in the world you wail years into days, days on end a blur. Time to dig the earth find the roots of torment as people weave within, rattle my soul. How does one understand truth? Truth was set in stone long ago. The greatest of commands, to love. Peace of mind bloomsContinue reading “Barriers”

thoughts unleashed…

Well… you and i made it to experience another year on earth. I hope the approaching 365 days is good to you… full to the brim with positive thoughts, new adventures, reinforced friendships, old and new, with plenty of time spent writing and working on your craft. Or perhaps experimenting with a new method ofContinue reading “thoughts unleashed…”