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summer song and dance sunshine’s grace chose to do differently this time and place smile to spread peace life’s not a race set your clock to be one with the earth’s trace

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Me Mock Myself!

My! i love this… I have Vidur’s book of poems… go find a copy. Read it when your stressed and unsure of your surroundings. Let his gentle voice calm your nerves. Thanks Vidur! ❤️❤️❤️ — Read on vidursahdev.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/me-mock-myself/

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Couldn’t sleep…

Last night left thoughts interrupted my trembling words unspoken not because i meant to but because i was selfish and because i am an excuse to not sleep through our turmoil does it affect you too? so i listened to words i thought you spoke through Gilmour’s rowing boat while i lie waiting it is…

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share your smile let your voice carry in silence, your whisper burns in to my heart i bury my life with you saw the sun shine through the winds… feel them blow around us and we twirl twirl until our wings no longer fly… certainly no poem is ever finished… at least not until i…

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spoken skies

May the curious soul the delight of life dwell in the impossible find the possible spred far your quilted heart pieces of life sewn with zig and zag mindful ever of neighbors far and wide! Reject the negative… even the negative disguised as something otherwise. Discern life as you pass through the skies…

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personal musings unleashed

who is responsible? for me… and there is no blame to lay… early the birds chirp. have you ever heard a grumpy bird? not me… and there is no shame today… all ready to plan my day… all these baby steps, these horrid thoughts shed… (woah, guilt, back off, this is space to spread cheer……

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blow in nice and breezy day turns dark brews a storm life perpetual conditional love lying under the oak tree grown weak with malice towards peace only acorns understand unconditional power from soil undercover

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rather distant we no longer speak God and i broke up last night silence spoke for me tears to cleanse the past futile my arms too short to reach wrongs committed by closeness pain hurts when joined by love. peace and joy…

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being. entwined.

All of life is not misery. It just feels of late, a cloud hovers. Suicide blaring red letters across the skies, as if to tempt the coward. For me, WordPress was never about publishing a book. The issue of publishing a book are the words forever etched into time. I rebel against such a thought.…

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