Disclaimer: This post is from three weeks ago. Whether i agree or disagree with these thoughts today or tomorrow… well, they happened. And i write them down, for good or bad. My words and I, we belong to each other, united in this marriage for the long haul. Good luck to me… right? I knowContinue reading “MsInterpretation”

Goals for 2019 and other musings…

Popping on to WP… to say HI! And to give everyone who follows my blog an update as to what I HOPE happens in 2019. First, and foremost, I have missed all of you lovely poets, artists and dreamers… HOPE you are well and busy as my world has been quite busy too. Beyond movingContinue reading “Goals for 2019 and other musings…”

en route

changing again i feel the swelling… the release leaving you behind lost been searching found a fragment where did this love come from and when did it arrive i turned it lay waiting pristine and all aglow when this love finds home will it ever go it is all too beautiful my hands heavy withContinue reading “en route”

Piano lessons (first thoughts)

A piano came with the house. And I sat down with wonder. How does one play a song? Through arched fingers i pound, as elegantly as possible. Or as angrily as appropriate. The sound reverberates around. Or did it begin, start within, to flow through my veins? And perch a tune on fingertips? Yes! pianoContinue reading “Piano lessons (first thoughts)”

dreams so wrong

never thought of wishes bad memories is all when words carved of wood petrified stone perched on oak branches stop the dangling swing push her legs, pumping of sprouted wing the sun made all the difference in a light rest lying in a dark tomb of books she turned the pages gently, torn worn ofContinue reading “dreams so wrong”

out the window

some days my son is so much like his father i want to jump out the window i can leave the man but i cannot abandon the boy some days being a mom is so painful so challenging that i catch myself wishing i’d made different choices fantasizing about a life … — Finish theContinue reading “out the window”

this is my opinion…

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. I read this article… Is this our world? Here is my heart reaction, in words. This is equally tragic as 9/11. The voices of those dead in Chicago cry out for us to take action. How do we react? We dissect each tragedy and lookContinue reading “this is my opinion…”

Personal musings unleashed…

Generations. To profess belief in simple faith and be left to wander the perilous gate… held ajar, wide open. The future bleak… shall the narrow door shut in time… before utter and complete destruction. Ideally, we all could get along. Some stronger. Others weaker. The problem is truth cannot be relative. Either murder is wrongContinue reading “Personal musings unleashed…”