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Give the world a minute…

via Daily Prompt: Relieved

is it any wonder
any wonder at all
the world has but a minute,
left bombarded
by incessant needs
and empty words.
hear the opinions fall
not as wishing stars
but bitching clouds
that hover over us all?

i am not relieved
that we profess
to be more caring
because after all
the witch has a new face.
our careless reactions
are but ways
to make ourselves
feel better in a world
that never changes, ever.

When I go to a concert I do not want to be preached at and as much as I enjoyed the music I did find myself alienated by political sanctimonious diatribes. Actions do speak louder than words and if we each gave a little more love we would prove our sincere intentions to cover sins with grace.

Up next, U2 The Joshua Tree Tour September 10 and FARMAID September 16 with Neil Young, Dave Matthews and many more musicians to like…

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It’s happening again
can’t leave the house.
How long, allow myself to sit and cry?

Silence, old friend,
I don’t need to talk
rather don’t want to speak.

I am here, lost.
A silent mind
comforts my pain

staving off what i feel
approaching, again
it too knows where i am.

What if i never wake?
Too deep.
Allow myself to slip away.

I, I seem strange
people walking
who exists to hold my hand?

Stories, unbelievable
they turn their head
scoff at buried feelings.

I, the walking dead.

Seems apropos…. David Gilmour and Roger Waters, Comfortably Numb 1979

Then this song popped into my mind…. Jim Morrison, The Doors 1967

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Politicians or how politics ruins lives.

mob mentality
sore excuse for apathy
men of paradox

who has benefited
perfected long-winded speeches
perch themselves on high

as a bird prepares
to feast on the spread breadcrumbs
backroom deals explode

to swing the masses
sweet symphony of promise
heads rest on concrete

wake up foreign land
who can recognize the men
dangling superimposed sin

extract faith from souls
filling the cold voting booth
hollow corpses roam

men expressing hope
lie in bed expecting them
to make life better

Reading Why Orwell Matters by Christopher Hitchens, I cannot say I understand why he matters. Orwell’s two famous stories, 1984 and Animal Farm, lie as mob fancy.  The end of the impact becomes bookshelf mementos, intellectuals praise the words with the weight of politics upon the backs of citizens.Pacifism and all isms, government intervention, religion as tools for politics, war and rumors of war to incite fear, the looming globalists usurping nation sovereignty. We must ask why. Why does evil prowl for heads resting on concrete, eating breadcrumbs spread, oblivious to their suffering, not understanding the promises of peace, acceptance and ease of life is but a lie. No one can make such promises and succeed. Life is friction. Lying low can be useful for a time. Friction between ideas and worldviews professes an uprising is never far behind.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
George Orwell

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ”
George Orwell

So perhaps Orwell does matter. He should matter to the average man to take heed. Read between the lines and notice the message from both media and the scripted words made to comply with the feelings of the mob. The mob who lies in apathy waiting for a savior. In my estimation the wrong savior. The truth shall appear and it grows ever near. Perhaps someday the wishes of many will materialize and such a utopia will exist.

Read. Read more than what you want to hear and know and understand. Take to the edge of any bridge, do not jump but feel what cannot be seen, the invisible wall keeps you safe.

Then learn to fly. Fly.

I certainly have my beliefs and rather not coerce or convert you to my way of thinking but encourage you, do, think. Act. Find truth.