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I want to be
happy here
we just confuse
swallow budding thoughts

morning fog melts on forked tongue
and tendrils climb
the bent back

I want to be
happy here
we just refuse
the bowl of ripened fruit

lick wounds with torn cloth
swollen mouth
stuffed with lies

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The way to blue
easily travailed.
The happy path
a brush of cheek.

Through cracks seen
distance perched upon
dire thoughts
direction whisks
shooting stars
past lost scars.
Tails of disaster
i carelessly imagine
ride the rails.

My darkness exists -allowed
to push away…
i grasp
the dangling strings
held tight
to watch you drown
in tempest mind.

Discerning evil
crept over sky
day rises
of black sun.

Forgiveness returns
the scales
from glass eyes.