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A season in Maine

The summer
sails by
swift on the wind
too fast
to hold the petalled lips.

Too hot
to absorb the days
the sun sinks.
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Misshapen and Unaligned

I can’t quite remember 
why did i choose the blue shoes
or the ragged jeans
that i have barely worn?

I scour my closet
to find a decent outfit
and ransack the piles of clothes
at the foot of my bed.

What becomes of a woman my age
who barely leaves the house?
I would much rather don pajamas
and surrender my self to endless nights alone.

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Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

The heaviness of hibernation has me wiggling out of my skin.

I want to experience again
the day i first met you
on display
the layers of tongue
wagging through philosophy
lifting life.

Us finding midnight blue.