Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. I haven’t given up gathering resolutions. I have relinquished a resounding voice; moving on to disturb the mystery, in hopes the Spirit rises to meet us half way.  Silence is a remedy. A modern day deserted course that digs deep to uproot bitter taste andContinue reading “Confession”

Thoughts Unleashed

My life is carved not into stone but flesh of my flesh. ——- Have you ever solidified and made your intentions known? Writing them down helps. Going a step further and creating a vision board births their reality. My greatest trouble in life is to stay focused. This is most evident in my writing practiceContinue reading “Thoughts Unleashed”

knowing (part four)

you jumped skipped, hopped over eight years gone missing the quiet of forest -misleading as the twisted twigs show the contortion of thought peeled slowly… you had every reason to believe the smile, wink and nod of moonlit glow was your savior unknown. *my photo