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life is tough… enough

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

I have seen my share of sorrow. Fifty years of sorrow. I wont bother to explain it all but i feel i can spare no more time wasting it on tears. Not any more! (Although, soon, i may wallow in it a bit longer! Old habits are hard to break.)

See… there comes a time you throw caution to the wind. Strip down to the person you are. Some like you. Others don’t. No time to waste yourself on that negative vibe… gotta hitch a ride to paradise.

Then again… Time to lighten up this party called LIFE!

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You move me

Never knew the man behind the hat. Again, art understood fully in the rearview mirror. 

Hearing people speak of a vibrant man on stage, who they knew behind the scenes, was private and serene, spiritual, a philanthropist and devoted to his fans, moved me to understand. 

We see the shallow waters but the deeper waters submerge, where courage takes us into another person, if we are allowed. We learn to swim in humanity, in and with vulnerability. Are we only accepted by what we give? 

We are privileged when someone lets us enter their world. Out of respect we do not push. He was a musician not by lesson but by what moves within; the earth, the wind, the sky. Blue crashing waves, wave goodbye. Let’s believe his waves were purple.