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meditation on friday evening (alone)

Bare Hill Pond

what becomes of summer
when it is the air
we dread

as the ripples
form ice

yesterday was common
now all sound releases
energy to gas

bend near, dear
scrape the fear
leave marks of roots tangled

your reaching fingers
on high tide
stir the memories

deep inside
glass houses and yellow rooms
gleaming windows scrubbed

the paper towels
and vinegar smells, tell
antiseptic days -ahead


so now this…

This pertains to WP as well. This post may be an emotional reaction to the world as a social construct. I no longer welcome this intrusion. I am back to writing… reading. Simply put… if you want a personal connection with me, i welcome you to reach out. If i hear nothing, i will take that as a goodbye.

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Knock, Knock…

Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

What news!! We are making an offer on a house today. And it is absolutely, mind-blowing gorgeous. This rock wall, which Massachusetts is infamously famous, is even more magnificent then this picture depicts. In fact, my heart barely blips on the screen when i look at this photo.

The rock is 20 feet tall and looks west towards Mount Wachusett. There is a perfect view perched atop this mighty fortress. A quick stroll down the road and this…

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A view

Each place I go

I tend to see the snippets.

What lies beneath

Is yet another story, retracted, 

Held tight to the chest,

A lidded box.

The owner has thrown out the key.

I am a guest, so I graciously do not pry. 

I see, but I do not pick or save a souvenir.

I take only what I am given.

A view.