Knock, Knock…

Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

What news!! We are making an offer on a house today. And it is absolutely, mind-blowing gorgeous. This rock wall, which Massachusetts is infamously famous, is even more magnificent then this picture depicts. In fact, my heart barely blips on the screen when i look at this photo.

The rock is 20 feet tall and looks west towards Mount Wachusett. There is a perfect view perched atop this mighty fortress. A quick stroll down the road and this…

A view

Each place I go

I tend to see the snippets.

What lies beneath

Is yet another story, retracted, 

Held tight to the chest,

A lidded box.

The owner has thrown out the key.

I am a guest, so I graciously do not pry. 

I see, but I do not pick or save a souvenir.

I take only what I am given.

A view.