Be my witness

Sunday morning poetry. Church: words spoken to me, shared lovingly with you. My second chance to shape faith every Sunday for a year. The lady in the back pew utters a prayer God send Your Holy Spirit. Flames engulf the temptations and trials. Worshipers stronger. Some run and fan the flames, ear-piercing agony. The city’sContinue reading “Be my witness”

For My sake

The world Asks. The people Answer. Blood flows. His body pierced. Darkness Hangs Until The stone Rolls. And light Awakens. In belief They sail. Spreading Hope While The promised fire burns. Heart’s Grow cold. Persecuted messengers Remain bold. Power In dreams. Strengthened. Prophetic visions hold true. Wait.© Blessed is he who reads and those whoContinue reading “For My sake”