I became trapped in my own selfish misery. I once held onto hope. Positioned as a shiny metal object, glistening in the sun, it promised better days. I prayed to it. Ran my fingers over the smooth surface. Worshiped the image broadcast back to my heart. I learned that day about rust as tears flowed.Continue reading

Judge and Jury

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. i only judge myself because i am the only person i truly know. Institute of Art, Chicago, first floor Modern Wing i witness you, accept what you deem worthy of me to embrace. all the while i remain absolutely blind to the intricacies of theContinue reading “Judge and Jury”

withered and worn

All we yearn has become unwound go! chase the ball of string wind up your mind figure out the source as if understanding the world was possible when you cannot even grip yourself. The solvent, your chemicals poured out to empty cups crowds hoarding your love given freely while my patience endured your drinking sand;Continue reading “withered and worn”


1/26/2018. 7:23 am. The world is still dark. I am feeling the same. My inner world needs a spark. A match to strike this fear. This, whatever this is, is my thinking out loud and inviting you in to my space, wherever that is… Hurry! Look over here… Here! Right here and right now, movementContinue reading “Confessions”

The Poetry Society of New York

I contributed a line… immersed are a few favorites. Do have a favorite? I wonder if it is mine. New people are welcome to join in on Facebook. Like them and then get ready to collaborate with fellow poets. A lot like Mad Libs! 🤗<<< ><< p>


has someone stolen your dance; raped your dreams? scars heal but peel… your ripe and smell of orange. “please, don’t hide”, she speaks to herself, the corner of the room brightening learns to dance in the dark. If you have pitiful days, lying in the bottom of a bottle or wandering in briar forests. IfContinue reading “Dance”

Car Wash

Tuesday of Texture Photography is more than capturing time, it celebrates moments that otherwise might be forgotten. Rolling through the car wash is always a memory jogger… An image without so much a smile or frown keeps my imagination in a tizzy over a lack of direction to take. Until! and only until i relaxContinue reading “Car Wash”

Seeking in the dark night of the soul

There exists a primitive side to each of us. Desire begins at the sensation of water, breath and birth. The fortunate are welcomed by truth, exist in peaceful conscience, surrounded by encouraging arms. What of those who enter a dark world? They lie gutted by negation, remain in vigilant torment, the spirit and heart fortified,Continue reading “Seeking in the dark night of the soul”


No man lives in a bubble and even on my island, all the bubbles are vacant. Thank you to Lynette Davis and her blog post, Perseverance: My Word for 2018 I set off to figure out my Word for 2018.  I have done this exercise in the past, but the stress level of 2018 weighed too heavilyContinue reading “Deliberate”

Japanese Garden

with fear and trembling destiny’s road perishes with courage the horizon comes to light Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. -Buddha Adler’s psychological theory upholds the individual as the sole creator of oneself. This sentiment goes against every spiritual thought of mine. Our salvation cannot solely be fought alone. I agreeContinue reading “Japanese Garden”