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personal musings unleashed

We really do not know each other, do we? Years were spent cultivating all these hateful thoughts. Up until today, all that is wrong with life, seemed to be my fault. I easily accepted blame and never fought the day my mom banished me from their life. I was not the daughter she wanted and…

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no need

I wrote the above to help me through a day, last week. It was not meant for public consumption, but after reading Aguycalledbloke this morning, i decided to share. This is but a snippet of my relationship with my mother. Is it worth returning to this planet? Of trying to understand why i am so…

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growing up

Were you allowed to express yourself growing up? Or were your passionate explorations squelched? Arts were a forbidden country for me. A taboo. Superstitions of poverty and starvation, my becoming promiscuous, rang from my mother’s mouth. Dad silently agreed. When i turned 18 i told them i was going to college. When they did not…

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there are poems i havent spoken of worn below the skirt WARNING label -missing you pried them out never had i witnessed a man weep

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pressed tight

Depression. And it’s accomplice, anxiety, arrived today. On horseback. Out of the blue and bare-naked. Desperate to scare me. Both hoping to seduce. I had ran away once. Appears now it will be twice. Glanced to the side. Saw the consequences coming from a ways. It had to be more than a mile. It was…

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My Monhegan

I am currently working on a painting My Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine. Monhegan is a place that encompasses 95% of my spiritual thought while a mere 3 days and 2 nights were physically spent there. It amazes how much an impact the place had on me. A healing calm took me…

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