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The Ark Of Sanity

A reason to read (and reread) WP. If i needed a reason. Hell no, no need for reason when reading Ray. Just read. The Ark Of Sanity The Ark Of Sanity — Read on raynotbradbury.com/2018/11/09/the-ark-of-sanity/

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The deepest, darkest rises in the fog, burned away -hidden desire. Oh, why feel so free behind the screen? And how our creator tapped into the sensual, leaves us mourning the loss of soul.

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Interior Designer

And automatically, the words became sentences, with stems and petals. Forced from the fertile soil, stories grew arms and legs. They not only held her dreams but they carried her to lands far away. People have no idea what’s going on in my head. Most days i wish i didn’t either.

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must the tree Rise, Taller to the ground we creep -lower dream of hands reaching, stars tumbling, down diamonds heaped at my feet

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i worry i have become you stay you emerge into we are we as one ———– *I am the female version of you, echoed her dreams. 2/9/2018

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Opinions Shattered

What makes you think your right? Isn’t life too complicated to think we can sum it up in a few words. Simplicity soothes our ego but to what disaster do we fall victim to our narrow understanding of others. Blame and finger pointing our game? Little Face Alexander Calder, 1943, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago…

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Answer Me This, Magic Land

Is there a home in the world for us? We have our own snow in the Midwest. Still, it is magical to stare wonderingly at the pristine beauty of a country, In the Middle of Snow, who relatives, generations before you, once called home. That family once honored the past with stories of Finland. The…

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Car Wash

Tuesday of Texture Photography is more than capturing time, it celebrates moments that otherwise might be forgotten. Rolling through the car wash is always a memory jogger… An image without so much a smile or frown keeps my imagination in a tizzy over a lack of direction to take. Until! and only until i relax…

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The Broken Bridge and the Dream, (excerpt) Dali, 1945 sitting in my favorite chair wandering mind -curious wondering how i got so far away from home.

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