Did you come?

Can anyone hear the lark sing I wonder. The rain knowsthe words that twirl to form the song inside this vacant heart. Youremoved all the furniture placed into another room wallpapered with old paintings. Neverknowing which was your colori painted the reds of maple bloomsspring leaves only a few days old they held no shapeContinue reading “Did you come?”


I never felt so lostas all the seas are twistingthe souls forever dauntingamongst the tangled weedsperceived to be my bed.Instead, I find my feet danglingatop a sailor’s head and all because I have no love left to pretend.The seas had been emptiedto drown the crowded sorrowsand all the earth has driedto crumbling bone. Crushed!That isContinue reading “Escape”


It is all too dreadful anymore. anymore she climbed up looking for answers stored from when she was 17. 17 forever and all too dreadful here and now. she saw shooting stars at 22. 22 with child. A child with child she watched a hospital roommate manuever a babe. she trembled. she trembled for thoseContinue reading “Happenings”

come togther in the morning … (another writer’s blog)

— Read on utahan15.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/28114/ This blog may not be to everyone’s sensibilities. Be ware the language as he opens the curtains to forbidden lands. A whispered prayer ascends to disinfect his world with sunshine. His raw feelings bend the light, colors remain while the audience stares in amazement. Perplexed grins in both directions. i causeContinue reading “come togther in the morning … (another writer’s blog)”

collision course

Oh my. I think i said too much. I can be quite careless, sparked by passion. Lit by a struck match and ignited by fuel. Kaboom! I have definitely gone off in too many directions. Without giving away every secret attraction, i best quit while ahead of myself… wait for my senses to catch up.Continue reading “collision course”

Going through the motions

When your heart lacks love for today a mere shadow, chasing the sun away close the curtains ban the songs people got in your way. I remember a time -certainly now, not to be high perhaps it was last night the outline of a face traced in the dust, aroused. You wait for your shipContinue reading “Going through the motions”


dark pleases light understands all. Embrace equally dark and light reciprocate a bad girl stockings ripped her material lifted high Fingernails -sharp sunk pleasure, all hers. He lay wounded cast aside -screams from the room above burnt heart and you can blame her like Adam blamed Eve take a bite, she begs as a strayContinue reading “dark”