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Attending the Opera

— Read on Fabric on the Daily Post

What are we willing to give up? What would i find behind your curtain as i swing it aside? Have you, will you, consider letting me know?

I wait. Anticipate. Is this a game eagerly played by two? Or only i?

Am i setting myself up for your opera. Life over as fast as it started. Slow. Drawn out misery. Ending with a cry of freedom!

A peek behind the madness of death exists behind every curtain. It matters not your fabric woven. The rapacious appetite for breath carries us along.

I do not plan to go anywhere. Neither behind your curtain. Or stand before it. I want to be your covering. Shield you from peering eyes.

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clear advantage

having lived away

from the ocean breeze

a stagnant house

air of bitterness

death pungent -gangrene

your pout amputates desire

my prayer welcomes me

exotic attraction

push me

refresh me

realize looking backward is living forward

feet upon a feeble return

to alternative realms

(Last day White Sands)

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Pardon the interruption

Want to talk?
I have time
a little time
time to listen

Before I go any further
I need a rest
away from this madness.

What did you hear?
What have you seen?
Let’s talk
a little talk
talk, I’m listening…